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Contemporary Chinese-language Cinema

Nov 9-13: A public lecture, film series, master class, and reception with "the Godmother of Taiwan New Cinema," RTF alum Peggy Chiao


About the Speaker

Peggy Chiao

Peggy Chaio, RTF alumna, is a distinguished Taiwanese filmmaker of award-winning films such as Beijing Bicycle, The Hole, and Lost in Beijing. She chaired the Taipei Golden Horse Awards and has served as juror in more than 50 international film festivals. She promotes Taiwan cinema worldwide and in 2006 was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Osian’s-Cinefan Asian Film Festival. She currently teaches at the Taipei National University of the Arts and produces movies with talent from Chinese and Asian film industries.



About the Films


Buddha Mountain

2010, 104 min

Three aimless Chinese youths, a woman and two men, wander around Chengdu in Sichuan, the province hard hit by the 2008 earthquake. Working at odd jobs and escaping from unhappy home lives, they rent rooms from a retired hard-nose Peking Opera performer who grieves over the death of her son and becomes the trio’s surrogate mother.The 36 year old Li Yu gained attention at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2002 with her directorial debut Fish and Elephant

Directed by: Li Yu

Starring: Sylvia Chang, Fan Bingbing, Bolin Chen, Fei Long

Awards: Best Actress (Fan Bingbing) and Best Artistic Contribution (Director Li Yu) at the Tokyo 23rd International Film Festival, 2010
WSJ Review


2010, 片長:104分鐘

導演: 李玉

主 演:張艾嘉、范冰冰、陳柏霖



Beijing Bicycle

2001, 113 min

Directed by China’s Sixth Generation director Wang Xiaoshuai, the film revolves around a 17-year-old boy Guei from the countryside working as a courier in Beiing has his bicycle stolen.  While some may see it having similar themes as Bicycle Thieves, the theft brings two boys (the other boy Jian) of different backgrounds together. The film explores the theme of youth and rural-urban socio-economic divisions, a serious social issue the fast growing nation is facing.


Directed by: Wang Xiaoshuai

Starring: Cui Lin, Li Bin, Zhou Xun, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Shuang

Awards: The Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear Award and the New Talent Award (Cui Lin and Li Bin) at the Berlin International Film Festival 2001.

Beijing Bicycle is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) for a few violent scenes.
NYT Review



2001, 片長:113分鐘


主 演:周迅、崔林、高圆圆、李滨



Hear Me


2009, 109 min

A “non-verbal” digital generation romantic comedy by up-and-coming woman director Fen-fen Cheng about a delivery boy Tian Kuo falling for a cheerful Yang Yang who single-handedly takes care of her sister Xiao Peng, a swimmer-in-training for the Deaflympics. Despite extensive use of sign language, this little charmer is Taiwan’s highest-grossing local of 2009. It was shot to commemorate the 21st Summer Deaflympicsheld in Taipei, but the star power of young pop idols and the endearing characters eclipse the promotional motivation.

Directed by: Fen-fen Cheng

Starring: Ivy Chen, Eddie Peng, Michelle Chen, Luo Bei-an Luo and Lin Mei-hsiu


2009, 片長:109分鐘


主 演:彭于晏、陳意涵、陳妍希

Blue Gate Crossing

2002, 85 min

Director Chih-yen Yee’s second film is an is-she-or-isn’t-she gay comedy. The love triangle involves three high school teenagers. Lin Yueh-chen talks her best friend Meng Ke-rou into talking to Chang Shih-hao, the swimming champ for her. But the boy ends up liking the messenger the tomboyish Ke-rou instead. Shih-hao and Ke-rou develops their friendship and romance. But the problem arises as Ke-rou finds herself in love with her best friend Yueh-cheh.

Directed by Chih-yen Yee

Starring: Lunmei Kwai, Bo-lin Chen and Shu-hui Liang

Awards: Speical Jury Prize, Bratislava International Film Festival
Village Voice Review



2002, 片長:85分鐘


主 演:陳柏霖、桂綸鎂梁又琳


Yang Yang

2009, 112 min

Writer-director Yu-Chieh Cheng wrote the story about a Taiwan woman’s struggle with her identity specifically for his half-French, half-Asian star Sandrine Pinna. Yang Yang is an aspiring track athlete whose Eurasian ethnicity makes her special and also alone. Driven by the guilt she feels of her one time affair with her stepsister’s boyfriend, she leaves her former life behind and enters the entertainment circle.

Directed by Yu-Chieh Cheng

Starring: Sandrine Pinna, Byrant Chang, Huang Chien-Wei, he Si-Hui, Shelly Yu, Zhu Lu-Hao

Awards: 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actress (Sandrine Pinna)



2009, 片長:112分鐘


主 演:張榕容、張睿家、黃健瑋、何思慧、朱陸豪、于台煙



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