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Welcome to the Graduate Program

The Department of Radio-Television-Film includes the areas of Media Studies, Production, and Screenwriting. Candidates may seek an MA or PhD in Media Studies, or an MFA in either Screenwriting or Production.

The Department's scholarly and teaching interests focus on the cultural, social, economic, political and discursive settings in which communication systems, industries, texts and audiences exist and operate. We examine national and international media institutions, the role, development and impact of communication and information technologies, the production of media content, and the nature and form of media representations. We investigate how various audiences receive, interact with, interpret and produce media texts and have a special focus on studies of culture and the international dimensions of communication processes. The Department's faculty addresses these issues from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches associated with the humanities and social sciences.

The Department's Master of Fine Arts programs are designed to help students become filmmakers and writers capable of producing provocative and entertaining work. The programs concentrate on storytelling for film, video, and time-based media. The MFA in production emphasizes directing while grounding students in skills across production craft disciplines.

The RTF Department currently has 28 faculty members who provide an environment in which graduate students receive optimal opportunity for study, research, teaching and the production of creative work. Production area faculty are all active, working filmmakers with experience spanning genres.

We encourage students to plan a program of study suited to their individual needs, designed to take best advantage of the mixture of subjects and the various opportunities offered in the Department and other academic programs on campus. The University of Texas MFA students have a strong record of award-winning student work in festivals, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and cable and PBS broadcasts.

Degrees Offered

The Department offers two main degree tracks within Media Studies: MA and PhD. A dual degree option is available for students pursuing the MA track.




The MFA in Film & Media Production is a professional training program designed for creative individuals with a demonstrated commitment to filmmaking as a professional, artistic, or academic pursuit.



The MFA in screenwriting is a two-year (including one summer), 45-hour degree designed for creative individuals with a demonstrated commitment to storytelling for the screen.

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Graduate Admisisons for Fall 2015 is closed. The deadline for Fall 2016 admissions will be December 1, 2015.
Please note that we only admit for the fall semester.

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