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RTF 398T - Supervised Teaching in RTF


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DESCRIPTION: The general goal of this course is to enhance university teaching through training tomorrow's professorate. One primary gain you will receive from this course is that you will develop your own style and philosophy of teaching based on sound methods and research.

Specific objectives are: You will learn about current theories of learning and you will be able to apply these theories to specific classroom instances. You will learn how to effectively design a course by producing a syllabus, writing objectives, structuring assignments, choosing appropriate readings, outlining a lecture, and designing methods of evaluation. You will be able to use and assess the effectiveness of different teaching methods through two microteach assignments and observations of professors. You will develop an informed opinion of evaluating teaching and the nature of effective teaching by critiquing your own teaching, by critiquing others' teaching, and by discussing teaching evaluations administered here at U.T. You will understand and evaluate different philosophies of grading by writing exam questions, grading sample answers, and developing grading schemes. You will understand various ethical issues and guidelines of teaching. You will appreciate differences in teaching situations in various types of institutions. You will develop your own philosophy of teaching and be able to approach problems and tasks consistently based on you view.