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RTF 396 - UTFI Film Institute


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DESCRIPTION: UTFI is accepting submissions for RTF 396/368-- the Spring Screenwriting portion of the UTFI Feature Film Lab -- an advanced six-semester program featuring the Screenwriting Lab (spring 2009), Production Lab (fall 2009), Pre-production (spring 2010), Production (summer 2010), Post-production (summer/fall 2010), and Marketing (spring 2011).

The sequence provides students the opportunity to develop potential feature film projects from the script stage through full-fledged production to a finished film ready for market. This portion of the FFL will focus on the revision and development of feature length film scripts as possible projects for the rest of UTFI Film Lab sequence.

The Spring Screenwriting Lab takes a professional approach to filmmaking. Students are expected to gain a deep understanding of the complicated, collaborative work required to turn a feature-length script into an actual film. Focus will be put on improving the chosen projects and preparing them for actual low-budget production. The emphasis of this class will be on both process and product.

Extensive script work-shopping and revision will be required. Students will also examine other crucial practical considerations- such as understanding their scripts' audience, and identifying potential methods of financing their projects. The semester will culminate with fully cast public readings of all the selected scripts.

All scripts from the spring semester will be considered for inclusion in the fall semester Production Lab-- where a core group of filmmaking talent (directors, actors, editors, cinematographers, designers, et al.) will collaborate to "pre-produce" the projects.

RTF 396/368 is open to graduate and undergraduate students; undergraduate students may enroll for either undergraduate or graduate credit. ALL screenplay submissions must:

1) Be Feature Length (no treatments, first acts, etc.)

2) Be Low-Budget (or be able to be rewritten with a low budget in mind.) Low-Budget means $250,000 or less.

3) Be able to be shot in Texas (or be willing to be rewritten with Texas as the shooting location).

4) The DEADLINE for submissions is December 1, 2008. Email scripts to Alex Smith AND deliver hard copies to his RTF mailbox: CMA 6.118.

5) Students will add the course during the add/drop period the instructor has cleared them to do so (no later than 1/9/2009).

6) Class will meet at the Michener Center for Writers; the actual day/time of the course is pending schedule availability of students, instructor and room.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All students must have previous first-hand experience shooting both film and video, and have a firm grasp of the basic principles of lighting.