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RTF 388P - Producing Film and Television


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DESCRIPTIONRTF 388T will detail how things work in the supposedly noncreative side of the entertainment industry. The course will focus on the function and duties of a producer as he or she shepherds an idea through a project "life cycle": development, financing, pre-production, post-production, marketing and distribution. Lecture topics will mirror the project life cycle while students concurrently develop their own business plans/prospectuses for original film or television projects of their choosing. At the end of the semester, each student should have a complete and realistic business plan for a film or video project, one which is ready for presentation to entertainment industry contacts and financiers. Both independent productions and productions originating in the studio/ network system will be covered, as will considerations specific to both fiction and non-fiction productions. Through lab workshops and exercises, particular emphasis will be placed on production management-project budgeting and scheduling-with the intention that these skills will be put to use in other production courses.