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RTF 380G - Research in Interactivity: Mobile, networked, and social


INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Strover

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DESCRIPTION: This course is a research practicum examining the applications, environments and questions emerging from mediated interactivity through social media; platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and e-books; new forms of “TV”;  other mediated environments (Alternate Reality Games, digital archives, social change and ICTs, etc. ).  Networked publics, political participation and engagement, issues of identity, privacy, gossip, news aggregation impacts, and so forth could be some of the topics we investigate.

We will work as a group and in subgroups on various research projects that students themselves define throughout the term.  The work of the course will be to define critical questions, undertake background literature reviews, and gather and analyze data.  Students will be expected to write proposals and conduct and complete research projects during the term; the class will move very quickly, and students must have some ideas about specific research projects in order to be admitted to the class.  We have various research tools (software) available for different sorts of analyses (qualitative, textual, quantitative), and a survey monkey account for surveys. 

This class has generated several conference presentations and publications for students who took it previously.  It is geared to people who are imaginative and willing to work in teams.