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PhD - Year 5


Joao Beira

João describes himself as a new media artist and visual performer. His main interests are related to interactive design and live performance. His work with spatial augmented reality, sensors, and interactive dance focus in mixed-reality design strategies for choreography in the digital age. His interdisciplinary research involves human computer interactions, media design and theory. He collaborates with dance practitioners and choreographers in order to create interactive dance performances and to conduct a practice based research.  João is also a doctoral student at University of Porto, Portugal (FEUP), doing a dual degree PhD program. He holds a M.A. in Multimedia Art, and  worked as a lecturer at the ESG University, Portugal, from 2007 to 2010. 



Recent publications: ACM CHI 2012, , ACMM 2013,

Recent Performances:  Biomediation  , 3D Embodied


Elizabeth Bolton


Television studies, Urdu language histories and cultures, anthropology of media, ethnography of news and journalism, production ethnography, industry studies, contemporary Pakistan, Pakistan’s post-privatization television news industry, economic privatization and 24-hour television news



Hao Cao

My name is Hao Cao, a PhD (’12) student in Media Studies. I come from China. My study interests revolve around civil society, public sphere, alternative media, and social change. Methodologically, I mainly use textual analysis and ethnography. I anticipate completing my PhD study in 2016 or 2017. 


Tupur Chattopadhyay

Tupur Chatterjee works on Indian cinema. Her research interests include contemporary changes the cultures of production and film exhibition, gender in popular Bombay cinema, modes of reception and gendered urban experiences with technology and new media. Before joining RTF, she completed her Master's in Film and Media Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and worked for local adaptation of Sesame Street in India.


Link to published work:


Laura Felschow

Laura Felschow was born in Buffalo, NY and worked in the film & television industry in Buffalo, New York City, and Toronto.  Interests include science fiction and fantasy television, queer theory, performativity & identity, and fandom studies.  


Link to article in the Journal of Transformative Works and Culture:



Kamran Hooshmand (1962 - 2016)

Kamran Hooshmand received his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from (SWTSU) Texas State University and his MA in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus in ethnomusicology from the University of Texas at Austin. His Master’s thesis discussed tradition, technology and change and the role of radio and the recording industry in twentieth century Iranian music. While working on his PhD in the Department of Radio-Television-Film, his research focused on religious chants, globalization, sound and music analysis on film, satellite television broadcasts, and social media particularly related to Iran and Iranian Diaspora. An accomplished musician and performer, he was particularly interested in theorization of emotions and music in online public spheres.


Besides his academic pursuits, Kamron regularly directed and performed Middle Eastern music in Austin, Texas, from the early 1990s until his death in 2016.  He composed and arranged music for PBS, several films and theater productions including a score and live accompaniment to the 1924 silent film the Thief of Bagdad, and contributed to to the score for the IMAX documentary Ride Around the World, among others. He also produced several internationally recognized music CDs, and has been featured on NPR and the BBC. Besides his two musical projects the 1001 Nights Orchestra andOjalá, he was also a member of, and performer of the oud lute and the santour instruments in theTexas Early Music Project.  


Kamran was a dear colleague and touched each of us with his intellectual curiosity, his music, sense of humor and generosity.  He will be deeply missed.


Jacob Hustedt

Jacob Hustedt completed his BA in English Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign in 2007.  He continued his studies in the UK, earning an MA in Sexual Dissidence in Literature and Culture from the University of Sussex .  At UT, his dissertation work focuses on the correlative relationship between the growth of urban centers of information technology in India and the simultaneous emergence of LGBT activist organizations in these cities.  His interests are in the confluence of queer theory, new media theory, and theories of diaspora and the new global city.



Lokeilani Kaimana

Lokeilani Kaimana is writing her dissertation, Visual Experiments in Speculative Cinema, based on the multitextual cinemascapes of Shu Lea Cheang, Julie Dash, Cheryl Dunye, and Tina Takemoto. Lokei's research and teaching interests include queer cinema and media studies, the American/transnational avant-garde, women of color feminisms and theoretical praxis, and dystopian camp aesthetics. She specializes in queer and feminist histories of representation, and her work examines alternative archives and multi-media collaborations. Lokei earned her A.B. from Smith College and her M.A. from The New School. She is currently the Mendenhall Dissertation Fellow at Smith where she teaches Queer Cinema/ Queer Media and Film Theory. Lokei has worked as an editor for flowtv, as a contributing member for English and Third World Literature Review of Books, and as part of the editorial collective for The Velvet Light Trap. Her work can be found in Film & HistoryThe Velvet Light Trap, online at, and forthcoming in Black Cinema Aesthetics Revisited and the anthology, We Carry these Memories inside of We: Daughters of the Dust and the Black Arts Aesthetic of Julie Dash.


Jennifer Kang

Jennifer has lived in Philadelphia, New Jersey and South Korea, and her research interests are centered on global media, television program flows, media industries, and the Korean Wave. She has earned her BA and MA in Communication from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea and a second MA in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as an editor at Flow and as a research assistant at the Foundation for Broadcast Culture. 


Amanda Landa


Claire Shinhea Lee

Research Interests:  Audience Studies, Cultural Studies, Postfeminism, Children and Media (Media Literacy), Space and Diaspora (Immigration).



Claire, L. and Jihoon, P. (2012). ‘We need a committee for men’s rights’: reactions of male and female viewers to reverse gender discrimination in Korean comedy, Asian Journal of Communication, pp. 353-371, Vol. 22, Issue 4.


Kyung Sun (Karen) Lee

Kyung Sun (Karen) Lee is a Ph.D. candidate in RTF. She received her B.A. from Korea University and M.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University. Kyung Sun’s research is informed by critical theory and political economy of communication. Her research interests intersect in the areas of globalization, nation branding, and media as a site of struggle over meaning making and voice. Her works have appeared in International Journal of Communication,Journalism Studies, and in book chapters. Kyung Sun is a member of the Global Media Research Group.    

Xiaoqian Li  

Anne Major

Annie Major has a BA in film studies from the University of South Carolina and a MA in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her current research interests include digital distribution platforms, global media networks and transnational cinema. Annie worked for the Austin Film Society, and has published in the Flow journal. She is a coordinating editor of The Velvet Light Trap and a member of the Global Media Research Group.


Daniel Mauro

Daniel Mauro received a BA from the University of Rochester and an MA from the University of Kansas. He is currently preparing his doctoral dissertation focused on the politics of amateur media. Other research interests include cultural historiography, media archives, and democratic communication. He is an editor for The Velvet Light Trap, and has published in The Moving Image and Flow. He has worked in media preservation and production, and his video projects have appeared in installations and festivals internationally.


Caitlin McClune

Caitlin received her BA in Political Theory at the University of California Santa Cruz and got her Masters degree at UT Austin in Media Studies. She is currently working on her dissertation, which includes the frameworks of memory studies, post-colonial studies and land reform issues in Zimbabwe, with a particular focus on the production of films within the Zimbabwean activist organization Nyeria Films. She is also interested in hybrid media, third cinema and third space as these frameworks contribute to expressions of past events and present struggles. She is currently an Assistant instructor for the class Introduction to Global Media.



Colleen Montgomery

Colleen Montgomery's primary research interests include Disney and Pixar animation, film sound/music and vocal performance.   She received a BA and MA in Film Studies from The University of British Columbia.  She has published work in Animation Studies and Cinephile and was recently granted the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctorate Award.


Paul Monticone

Paul Monticone's research interests include classical-era Hollywood cinema, production practices and genre cycles in popular American cinema from the transitional era to divorcement, and historiography, as well as nontheatrical cinema created by and related to the electrical utility industry in the 1920s and 30s. His dissertation project focuses on the American film industry's major trade organization, the Motion Picture Producer and Distributor's Association, from its founding through the mid-1960s. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Toronto, and Masters degree is from Concordia University in Montreal. His work is published and forthcoming in the Canadian Journal of Film Studies, The Velvet Light Trap, and the Quarterly Review of Film and Video.

Adolfo Mora  

Michael Nevradakis

Research Interests:

Telecommunications and media policy, law and regulation; comparative studies of media and broadcasting industries and regulatory frameworks across different countries; community, alternative and grassroots media; the media industry; immigrant and diaspora media; Greek media; regulation of new media; the interplay between politics and the media; and the historical development of different media technologies. 




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Michael O'Brien

Research Interests: Contemporary distribution patterns and technologies, global cinephilia, paracinema histories, reception studies, sports media, and media authorship.


Vijay Parthasarathy

Vijay Parthasarathy's dissertation work examines how English language stand-up comedy is aggressively reshaping the meaning of 'cool' in modern India, and, as a consequence, intensifying middle class engagement with the Indian public sphere. His ethnography of Mumbai's comedy scene centers on the intersection of politics, bourgeois culture and entertainment at an intriguing point in India's post-colonial history, when the middle class mindset appears to made a definitive break from the past. 


Vijay was previously a correspondent and editorial writer at The Hindu, India's most respected daily. His journalistic work has appeared in The Indian Express, The Times of India, OPEN magazine and Guernica. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, a postgraduate diploma in Print Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai and a Master's in Creative Writing from The University of East Anglia, UK.



Yago Parra-Moutinho-S de Quay

Being someone who was born in Brazil, lives in Portugal, and holds a Spanish nationality, is perhaps what sparked my interest in cross-cultural artistic expression. In between these worlds I acquired broad experience in music, dance, video and ethnomusicology. On a daily basis, I create interactive art installations and performances that enable people to contribute and modify the art piece itself. They always have a strong sonic component and combine technologies to help create new modes of expression.




Personal Website:


Swapnil Rai

Swapnil hails from New Delhi, India. She holds a Masters degree in Cinema-Television from Southern Methodist University Dallas and a Masters in English from the school of languages, literature and culture studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. In her professional experience as a journalist working for Indian newspapers Hindustan Times and The Indian Express, Swapnil covered beats pertaining to cinema, art and culture. She also worked in the multimedia and information services industry in India for companies like Thomson Reuters. Swapnil’s research interests revolve around globalization, Indian Hindi Cinema or Bollywood, new media and convergence, social media and popular culture.


Michael Rennett

Originally from Los Angeles, Michael Rennett received his BA in Media Theory and Criticism from California State University, Northridge, and his MA in Film Studies from Chapman University.  His current research focuses on identifying and defining the “emerging-adult” genre – which focuses on twenty- and thirty-somethings transitioning to adulthood – across media texts.  Other research interests include gender studies, men’s studies, postfeminism, philosophy, film authorship, and Jewish representation on screen.  His work has been published in The Journal of Popular CultureThe International Journal of Baudrillard Studies and The Journal of Religion and Film and has contributed chapters to the volumes How the Films of Pedro Almodóvar Draw Upon and Influence Spanish Society,Looking for Lost, and Inception and Philosophy.


Adam Williams

Research Interests: Race, identity, and the Media, especially as they intersect with Blackness and Masculinity. Co-founder/Director of Events of the Black Media Council (BMC) organization.