New Agendas for Media Literacy Conference


New forms of digital communication are being introduced into learning environments designed for an industrial age. The New Agendas for Media Literacy conference is an opportunity to convene the next generation of media education scholars to explore how educators can leverage student proficiency with new literacies for learning in formal and informal educational environments. As such, participants will explore how critical literacy practices can best respond to the proliferation of new media in society.  The New Agendas for Media Literacy conference is part of the New Agendas Initiatives, a series of activities and publications related to new scholarship in the field of communication studies, hosted by The University of Texas at Austin, College of Communication. 


Like the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon, young people increasingly depend on digital media for their social, educational, and personal needs.  The proliferation of new media users signals an expansive and shifting concept of the new media literacy needed to communicate in a digital world.  What sorts of educational resources are needed to support and leverage this rapid influx of intellectual and communication media?  And how are media professionals, educational theorists, and literacy scholars helping youth understand the possibilities inherent in such an era?  The conf