RTF Faculty & Grad Students at 2011 SCMS Conference, March 10-13

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A large number of RTF graduate students (along with a handful of faculty and several alumni) will be presenting research at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in New Orleans, March 10-13.  Congratulations to all the below students for their selection for this prestigious conference -- good luck with your presentations!

Manuel Aviles-Santiago
Morgan Blue
Courtney Brannon Donoghue
Eliot Chayt
Laura Dixon
Josh Gleich
Charlotte Howell
Amanda Landa
Yi Lu
Chris Lucas
Nick Muntean
Curran Nault
Elissa Nelson
Matt Payne
Annie Petersen
Kevin Sanson
Laura Simmons

The following faculty will be participating also in this conference:

Jennifer Fuller
Mary Celeste Kearney
Tom Schatz
Janet Staiger

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