Welcome to the RTF Student Showcase which highlights some of our recent student productions. Our students own the rights to any work they create as part of their studies. These films, trailers and clips are shown by permission of the filmmaker. For more videos, please visit our Vimeo page.


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Yizkor (Remembrance)
Ruth Fertig

My grandparents survived the Holocaust but they never talked about it. After discovering a memoir my grandmother had written in the last years of her life, I finally learned their story. Gold Medal Winner Student Academy Awards 2010


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La Pared
Maru Buendia-Senties

"La Pared" defies the Mexican concept of "Macho" as it explores the nature of human instinct and the concept of action and reaction. Fall 2006


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Miguel Alvarez

A 12 year-old boy is kidnapped by his estranged father the night before he turns 13. Spring 2007


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Western Brothers' Adventure Story
Drew Xanthopoulos

A young boy living in rural Texas constructs an adventure story incorporating family, friends, and the filmmaker. The boy is viewed through the lens of his imagined story as he both invents and enacts it. Blending elements of fiction and nonfiction, this short documentary is an unusual portrait of a 9-year-old boy by way of his imagination.

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Der Vater (The Father)
James Moore

When Erich, a peaceful man & father of two, is recruited into the Nazi SS Guard, tragic circumstances befall him. He must decide between murdering children or aiding in their escape, knowing that doing so will result in his own death. Spring 2009

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Gabriela Yepes

Nina, a 10 year-old Peruvian girl, discovers the meaning of death when her father asks her to fulfill his last wish. Fall 2008

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Not Funny
Molly Green

Four short Narratives with one common theme, jokes that misfire. Spring 2008

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Entre Lineas (Between Lines)
Maru Buendia-Senties

"Entre Lineas" is a story about two friends that live on different sides of the Mexican-American border and their universal struggle to maintain and find their own identities in a multicultural society. Fall 2008