Welcome to the RTF Student Showcase which highlights some of our recent student productions. Our students own the rights to any work they create as part of their studies. These films, trailers and clips are shown by permission of the filmmaker. For more videos, please visit our Vimeo page.


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Yellow Wallpaper
Nidhi Reddy

Based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a rotoscoped animation about a depressed woman who is driven to insanity by the confines of femininity.


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The Teleported Man
Zach Endres

To shorten his sentence, a convict volunteers for a risky experiment that subsequently takes an unexpected turn.

Winner of the 2012 Student Short Audience Award, Austin Film Festival.


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Once Again
John Spottswood Moore

There are over five million people in the United States (500,000 of these children) that know the true terror of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. “Once Again” is a short documentary about the truth of Childhood OCD. After nearly 20 years, filmmaker John Spottswood Moore revisits his life as a ten year old with OCD. In the early nineties, OCD was thought to be a behavioral, almost psychotic disorder. Weaving together animation, home movies, and animation, Moore tells the story of years lost to this horrible condition. Through mental torture, hospitalization, and humiliation, “Once Again” shows how John Spottswood Moore eventually won the fight against this disorder to become a champion of his own mind and body.



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Evan Roberts

Gabe is a late bloomer whose attempts to impress Shane, a more mature classmate, get him into a hairy situation.

Iris Prize Festival 2012
, Sarasota Film Festival, 
Maryland International Film Festival, 
InsideOut Toronto, 
Dallas International Film Festival



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Qian Zhuang

After moving into a new apartment, a young woman discovers a hole in her living room wall and uses it to spy on the comings and goings of her neighbor. Lonely and isolated, she begins to lose touch with reality and descends into paranoia, her desire to reach out to the neighbor on the other side of the hole growing into an obsession.


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Night Shift
Alison Boland

Members of the night shift custodial team at the University of Texas come from all over the world. Together, they have built a tight-knit work family that exists unseen by the academic inhabitants of the same building.


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Director: Alvaro Torres-Crespo

THE UNDESIRED PLACE is a short documentary about a group of gold-panners from Playa Carate. It is an intimate and lyrical gaze at the lives of these modern-day pariahs who thrive despite persecution by the national government and local law enforcement, and persistent judgement by public opinion.


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Director: Nicole Geller

A story of survival: two guys are forced to team up to battle unpredictable obstacles after the apocalypse.