Welcome to the RTF Faculty Showcase, which highlights some of our distinguished instructors' recent work. Our faculty produce both documentary and narrative films, as well as screenplays for major studios and indie productions. These films, trailers, clips are scripts are presented with the instructors' permission. For more, please visit our Vimeo page.


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Mnemosyne Rising
Miguel Alvarez

Set to return to Earth, a deep-space transmitter pilot begins to experience unusual flashbacks while in orbit around a newly-discovered moon. Fall 2009

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Miguel Alvarez

A 12 year-old boy is kidnapped by his estranged father the night before he turns 13. Spring 2007


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Geoff Marslett

Told in the playful style of a graphic novel, MARS is a uniquely animated romantic comedy about astronauts and robots falling in love on their way to the red planet. Spring 2010


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PJ Raval

This feature documentary uncovers Trinidad, Colorado's transformation from Wild West outpost to "sex change capital of the world," and follows three transgender women who may steer the rural ranching town toward becoming the "transsexual mecca." 2008


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Mike Dolan

An emotionally explosive thriller set in the troubled heart of Texas. Tragic family history rises to the surface when a teenager races to protect his family from a lethal drug-runner. Spring 2010


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Steve Mims

When a professor with controversial views arrives to speak at a university conference, he is met by his student chaperon. Her assigned task--getting him to the auditorium without incident--is disrupted by some unexpected difficulty. Spring 2010


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Paul Stekler

Asking what the politics are that launched George W. Bush to national office, award-winning filmmaker Paul Stekler takes his camera to Texas for a lively, behind-the-scenes look at a pair of 2002 elections. Summer 2004


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Andrew Bujalski

A pair of identical twin sisters -- one, who has been paraplegic since youth and gets around in a wheelchair, and the other -- 'same face, different bodies.' 2009


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Kat Candler

After a career spent mining his music from the shadows, the actions of one fan create a chain reaction for the lead singer of a black metal band.


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Kat Candler

All hell breaks loose when seven-year-old Petey is left with his hell-raising brothers. But things go from bad to really, really bad when Dad gets home.


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Andrew Garrison

TRASH DANCE documents the creation of a beautiful dance piece inspired by the work of often unnoticed public servants – sanitation workers.


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Miguel Alvarez

A documentary portrait of my father and grandfather, two men whose lives are ultimately defined by the wars they've waged both abroad and within themselves.

2006 Texas Filmmakers Production Fund Award, GI Film Festival, Austin Film Festival


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Before You Know It
PJ Ravel

A cross-dressing loner, the flamboyant owner of a gay bar and a gay-rights activist have different approaches to living out their retirement years.

WINNER Best Documentary Jury Award Reeling Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, WINNER Audience Award Image+Nation Montreal Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, WINNER Scott Dinger Audience Award Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, WINNER Best Documentary Jury Award Dallas Asian Film Festival, Nominated for Best Film, Austin Film Critics Association, SXSW "Buzz Screening"



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Portrait of Wally
Andrew Shea

The documentary PORTRAIT OF WALLY traces the history of this iconic image from Schiele's gesture of affection toward his young lover, to the theft of the painting from Lea Bondi, a Jewish art dealer fleeing Vienna for her life, to the post-war confusion and subterfuge that evoke THE THIRD MAN, to the surprise resurfacing of "Wally" on loan to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan in 1997.



Faculty Screenplay Showcase



Screenwriter: Stuart Kelban

Trafiq is inspired by the true story of the "traffic czar" hired to straighten out the traffic in Baghdad during the early days of the Iraq war. The script was optioned by Gary Sanchez Productions for Paramount Studios.

Play Date

Play Date

Screenwriter: Tom Willett

Jeremy and Allison bring their children together for a play date, which is disrupted by a shocking crime. Jeremy tells his wife one version of what occurred. Allison tells a different story. But only the children know what really happened.

Max Payne

Max Payne

Screenwriter: Beau Thorne

Cop seeks vengeance for the murder of his family. A 20th Century Fox film starring Mark Wahlburg, based on the Rockstar videogame.