Course Requirements

Lower Division

There are no formal sequences or "tracks" in the RTF degree. Students are required to complete four lower division RTF courses (12 credit hours) with a grade of C or better.

Students who plan to take upper-division production courses must take RTF 317, Narrative Strategies, and RTF 318, Introduction to Image and Sound, as two of these four courses. A grade of B- or better in both RTF 317 and RTF 318 is a prerequisite for all upper division production courses.

Beginning Fall 2015, all incoming students will take the same foundational courses—RTF 307, RTF 308, RTF 317 and RTF 318—to fulfill the 12 hour lower-division requirement.

For additional information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

RTF Lower Division Courses

RTF 307 – Media and Society
RTF 308 – Development of Film and Media
RTF 317 – Narrative Strategies and Media Design
RTF 318 – Introduction to Image and Sound

RTF 301N and RTF 305 at UT are intended for non-majors.


Additional Degree Plan Information

For more information about RTF Degree requirements, please see:

Upper Division

RTF majors are required to complete at least 18 hours of upper-division RTF coursework.

Of the 18 upper-division RTF hours required for the degree, six hours must come from courses designated as media studies: RTF 320C, 321C, 321F, 322C, RTF 324F, 330G, 330K, 331J, 331K, 331M, 331N, 331P, 334, 335, 342, 342T, 345, 347C, 348, 359, 359S, 365, 365C, 365D, 365M, 368S and/or 370.

Students are permitted a great deal of flexibility in choosing these courses. Useful charts that explain the relationship between prerequisites and upper division courses are at Guide to Production Courses and Guide to Media Studies Courses.