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UT Film Institute

The University of Texas Film Institute is an educational film institute established at The University of Texas at Austin in 2005 as part of the Radio-Television-Film program. Our mission is to teach students feature filmmaking by having them write, develop, shoot, edit, market and distribute their own feature films but with the constant guidance and mentorship of professionals in the film industry.

Dance With the One

Dance With the One is UTFI's first feature-length narrative film. It premiered in March 2010 at the South By Southwest Film Festival.


Dance with the One [TRAILER] from UT-Austin Radio-Television-Film on Vimeo.



Nate, a small-time pot dealer, wants out of Texas. Out of his family home-- broken and haunted by the tragic death of his mother. Out from sharing a roof with his father-- a legendary drug dealer, who is stewed in whiskey and grief. Out from the demands of constantly looking out for his lost little brother, Sitter. Out of sight-- and heading west—with, Nikki, the girl he has loved since they were children. In a misguided attempt to secure Sitter’s future and escape, Nate takes on one last big score— one that will shatter his world forever.

Director: Mike Dolan
Producers: Alex Smith and Tom Schatz
Writers: Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith

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