Stop Motion Animation - paper

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Your kids will learn the magic of stop-motion animation as they bring their imagination to life. Campers will start out by sampling a variety of stop-motion animation techniques and then will use their new skills to make their own short films.

Parents: we will need your help with setting up their animation stations, both prior to and at the start of the session. (Don’t worry: we’ll walk you through it!) However, by the end of the week, campers will learn to make animations on their own and will leave with the technical skills and animation-making setups they need in order to continue making films for the rest of the summer and beyond.

Sign up just this session or also for our claymation camp the previous week. No prior animation experience is necessary. Return campers are also welcome.

Register by June 21

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This workshop combines scheduled real-time virtual class meetings via Zoom, asynchronous material, and independent work.

  • Ages: 8–10 yrs.
  • Number of weeks: 1
  • Session dates: 7/6/20–7/10/20
  • Meeting schedule: M-F: 10:00 am–12:00 pm CT and 1:00 pm–2:00 pm CT
  • Tuition: $175


Meets for one week, Monday–Friday, 10:00 am–12:00 pm CT and 1:00 pm–2:00 pm CT

What you'll need at home

Note: We are here to support you! We will send out surveys and hold orientation sessions before camp to make sure you have everything you need in place. Here is a helpful video for setting up our workstation.

Class Meeting Device:

This device will require:

  • Wi-fi / Internet access
  • Webcam
  • Use of a web browser
  • Built-in microphone
  • Zoom app installed (We will walk you through Zoom).

Can be one of the following

  • PC Desktop or Laptop
  • Chromebook
  • Mac Desktop or Laptop
  • Tablet (IPad, Kindle, etc.)

Capture Device
Digital Camera / photo recording device for taking stop-motion photos

This should be a separate device from the Class Meeting Device. It needs to be able to take photos and have either Bluetooth or a USB cable. We recommend keeping it fully charged. Please note: this device will not be available for anything other than animation during the designated class hours. (Please bear this in mind if kids will be using a parent’s smartphone.)

Can be one of the following:

  • Smartphone: Android
  • Smartphone: iPhone
  • Tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc.)
  • Digital camera (DSLR camera, etc.)
  • HueHD USB digital camera
    • Note: the Hue animation software that comes with the camera isn't supported by newer Operating Systems; however, because it comes on a gooseneck stand, the USB camera won't need a tripod and can support overhead shooting.

Camera Stabilization:

In order to achieve an animated effect, it is important to keep the camera still while shooting. This support must allow for overhead shooting.

Can be one of the following:

  • Tripod for camera device
  • Camera stand
  • Use Hue camera with built-in stand (see above)

Software / Apps:

  • Stop Motion Studio (free version suffices; you can also upgrade to Pro version for $10)
  • Zoom (free virtual conferencing app)


  • Computer Headphones / Earbuds (recommended but not required)

Craft Materials:

This camp is very hands-on and engaging! To make everything work, we ask that you gather all craft materials prior to the start of camp.
Here is a list of materials that apply to our stop motion camps.

Jeanne Stern is an animator, artist, and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Her work has screened at a variety of festivals and galleries around the globe, including PBS, The Smithsonian, South by Southwest, the Student Academy Awards, and Heather Henson's traveling Puppet Film Festival. She holds an MFA in Film from the University of Texas and a BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College. She is a Visiting Professor of Animation at St. Edward's University and an Animation instructor at the Austin School of Film. She has been teaching both youth and adults for the past 10+ years including teaching for the University of Texas in Portugal. For fun, she enjoys playing the accordion, bicycling, and making things out of paper.