This Summer's Offerings


This one-week-long, all-day intensive workshop structure gives campers the opportunity to learn to make movies, including: writing a screenplay/script, shooting video, operating sound, directing crew/actors, acting, and editing video. Campers will work in groups of up to five students to create original video projects from scratch and will receive a copy of each group's finished product. Be prepared to focus and have fun!

NOTE: The different camp sessions do not build off one another but rather are offered at multiple times to assure a low camper-to-instructor ratio.

Fee: $575

7th - 9th Grade M-F, 9am - 5pm

10th - 12th Grade* M-F, 9am - 5pm

*If returning or more experienced camper, see 2-week advanced camps.


For campers entering grades 10-12 (and recent high school grads) with previous filmmaking experience, take your skills to the next level in this two-week camp. In addition to collaborating with fellow teens who share your interests, you will have more time than in the 1-week camp to develop scripts, plan your films, focus on sound and camera techniques, learn about lighting and working with actors, how to cinematically 'cover' a scene, and think like an editor. Campers will work in groups of up to five students to create original video projects from scratch and will receive a copy of each group's finished product. Be prepared to focus and have fun!

Fee: $1,150

10th - 12th Grade M-F, 9am - 5pm

  • Session 1: 06/03-06/14
  • Session 2: 07/08-07/19


This summer, your teenagers can let their creative imaginations run wild while learning the craft of screenwriting. In this two-week screenwriting course, taught by RTF faculty at UT, campers will study scenes from screenplays; watch and discuss movie clips; learn about character, setting, dialogue, and structure; and write screenplays. During the first week, they will write original short scripts, and during the second, they will collaborate with other creative teens to write a web series. Computers will be provided.

Adults: check out our evening screenwriting workshop!

Fee: $865

9th - 12th Grade M-F, 9am - 3pm


Delve into all things lighting and camera in this advanced filmmaking course. Students will explore the history and traditions of the art of cinematography from early film to today's vast media landscape. Across the camp, students create multiple short projects pushing their skills in composition, lighting, movement, and visual storytelling. Designed for content-creators, storytellers, and camera aficionados alike, this course will help you take your filmmaking to the next level.

Fee: $1150

10th - 12th Grade M-F, 9am - 5pm


There are millions of untold stories and events happening around us every day. This summer, learn how to creatively share your own non-fiction story through film. For campers entering grades 10-12 (and recent high school grads) with previous filmmaking experience, learn all the skills you need to craft a captivating short documentary. We will examine the many different types of documentaries and explore how to select compelling topics based on available resources, plan pre-production, lighting, sound recording, cinematography, interviewing, finding the story, and editing. Together, campers will collaborate to create their own short documentaries (max 5-8 min) by shooting studio interviews, using archival footage, conducting person on the street interviews, and shooting visual footage. Bring your ideas for a short local documentary film and leave the course with the skills and experience to make many more..

Fee: $1150

10th - 12th Grade M-F, 9am - 5pm

  • Session 1: 07/08–07/19


Do you like to play video games? Have you ever wanted to make your own video game? Join us as we build a game from the ground up: generating concept art, modeling environments and characters, painting textures and adding animation, special effects and physics. We will build fully 3D environments that are beautiful and fun to play! Each student will be the "lead" on their own level, using Photoshop, Maya and Unreal. No prior knowledge necessary...this is a great way to learn how to use these tools. Participants will emerge with a fully playable demo level of their own design.

Fee: $1150

9th - 12th Grade M-F, 9am - 3pm

  • Session 1: 07/08-07/19


Bring out your inner songwriter and music producer! Make music with GarageBand in this one-week-long day camp for campers aged 9-13. Campers will use Apple's composition tool GarageBand to write, record, and mix songs. We will also cover how to make ringtones and basic scoring/sound design for film. No songwriting experience necessary, although some basic music knowledge and a good creative imagination are recommended. Computers will be provided.

Fee: $355

Ages 9–13 yrs M-F, 9am - 2pm

  • Session 1: 06/03-06/07
  • Session 2: 07/08-07/12

ANIMATION 1 & 2 Weeks

Make your imagination come to life this summer! Campers will learn both traditional stop-motion animation and Adobe Animate computer-based animation to create short films. No previous animation experience required; however, return campers are welcome. We offer a 1-week camp for grades 7–9, and a more in-depth, 2-week camp for grades 10–12.

Fee: $575/1-week (Gr 7-9) & $1150/2-week (Gr 10-12)

7th - 9th Grade (1 week) M-F, 9am - 5pm

  • Session 1: 6/24-6/28
  • Session 2: 7/15-7/19

10th - 12th Grade (2 weeks) M-F, 9am - 5pm

ANIMATION 1 Week, Half-Day

Your kids will learn the magic of stop-motion animation as they let their imaginations come alive. Campers will start out by sampling a variety of stop-motion animation techniques, then work in pairs to make fun short films. Sign up for one or both weeks! No prior animation experience is necessary. Return campers are also welcome.


Fee: $255

Ages 6-9 yrs M-F, 9am - 12pm

  • Session 1 (Paper): 6/10-6/14
  • Session 2 (Clay): 6/17-6/21

Ages 10-12 yrs M-F, 2pm - 5pm

  • Session 1 (Paper): 6/10-6/14
  • Session 2 (Clay): 6/17-6/21