Lives Torn

Luissana Santibañez’s family is torn apart when their mother is arrested and detained in the infamous Hutto immigration detention center, near Houston  Luissana must now care for her three siblings, all U.S. citizens, using her student loans and welfare.  What has happened to Luissana’s family is happening to families all across America.

Luissana’s parents are both Mexican nationals with no green card.  When her father is deported, her mother is forced to find employment to support her family. Luciana’s mother was arrested by ICE officials during a routine traffic accident involving the van in which she was riding.   She has been detained for the past 15 months. If their mother gets deported, the Santibañez children will be forced to move to Mexico, a country and culture they do not know, radically changing their educations and their futures.

Director - Luissana Santibanez

Director - Jenny Alvarado

Director - Sarah Lim