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Beau Thorne

Department of Radio-Television-Film



CMA 6.166

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Beau Thorne is a screenwriter based in Austin, TX.  His recent projects include:

CONTROL, a psychological horror movie.  Script commissioned by Neal Moritz (“I Am Legend,” “The Big C”) for Sony Pictures.

BOMBTOWN, a historical drama set in Los Alamos, NM during the race to build the bomb.  Co-written spec television pilot, Oliver Stone (“Platoon,” “JFK”) attached to produce.  

HIDING IN TIME, a futuristic action movie about a secret government program to hide key witnesses in time periods throughout history, adapted from the graphic novel by Christopher Long.  Script commissioned by Warner Brothers, produced by Lin Pictures (“Terminator: Salvation,” “Sherlock Holmes”).

MAX PAYNE, a crime thriller about a betrayed detective uncovering the tragic secrets of his past, adapted from the Rockstar video game.  A 20th Century Fox film starring Mark Wahlberg, debuted at #1 on its opening weekend.

CURE, a medical thriller about a terminally-ill woman saved by an experimental treatment, only to discover a more sinister transformation has also taken place.  Sold to Warner Brothers with Vertigo Entertainment (“The Ring,” “The Grudge”) producing.

As an undergraduate production student in UT's RTF department, he was awarded the Todd Milam Schulze Scholarship.  He's a graduate of the Michener Center for Writers, a Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist, and a member of the WGA.  He grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina.