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Buzz Hays

Senior Lecturer
Department of Radio-Television-Film





CMA 5.140

The lead instructor for the UT3D program, Buzz Hays is one of the leading experts in Stereoscopic 3D film production and post-production in the motion picture and television industry. During his tenure at Sony Corporation, Hays’ primary responsibility was to evangelize 3D, and to educate artists, filmmakers, studio executives, corporate executives and the general public on the creation of high-quality 3D and specialty format experiences. His producing experience lead to his key role as the 3D expert for all of Sony Corporation world-wide, from film production to live-broadcast events to consumer and professional electronics design consulting. His expertise and guidance was integral to the rollout of Sony 3DTV in 2010. Hays founded the award-winning Sony 3D Technology Center based at Sony Pictures in Culver City, CA. Since the spring of 2010, he has personally taught S3D Storytelling and Technique to more than 3,000 film and television industry professionals around the world and given keynotes, lectures and presentations to over 20,000 people since 2007. Hays is now the owner of True Image Company, Inc., an advanced imaging production and consultation company. Hays is the founding Chairman of the International 3D Society.