RTF to build 70’ x 20’ green screen

for digital compositing and virtual sets

Thanks to generous donations from William Bollinger,  Joe Phillips, Betty Taylor Cox, and Larry Safir, the University of Texas at Austin department of Radio-Telelvision-Film in the Moody College of Communication is excited to commence construction of a large green screen. Measuring more than 70′ long and 20′ high and incorporating a full 90-degree corner, the green screen will provide new opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to incorporate digital compositing and virtual sets in their film & video productions.

Narrative filmmaking is becoming increasingly reliant on digital compositing of background images. Students have had to make due with building flats they painted green, which has problems with evenness of the green background, in addition to being wasteful because they were often discarded after use. This green screen will allow students access to state of the art production stages, where a large green cyclorama is a standard requirement. This digital green cyclorama will allow thesis level students to film multiple sets and large panoramic shots with digital background replacement.


The CMB 6.112 Green Screen addition is being designed by Lym Miller Architects under supervision of UT Project Management and Construction Services.

The green screen will feature an elevated catwalk running behind its entire length to allow subject back-lighting to be installed by student gaffers as needed for productions. Front lighting for subjects as well as smooth continuous lighting for the green screen itself will be provided from the numerous motorized ceiling grids and battens in the studio.


The elevation drawing shows the true size of the new green screen. Including the 5′ radius sloped cyc at the floor, the green screen will stand 21′ tall. In length, the green screen will have 50′ and 20′ wide sections joined by a vertical 5′ radius corner. Drawing courtesy Lym Miller Architects.

The new green screen will be installed in CMB 6.112 Studio 6B in the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center – Building B. This 80’x60′ production studio features exceptional acoustical isolation with switchable HVAC service, large 12′ high x 8′ wide doors for prop & set load-in, 2,000 amps of power for lighting serving (156) 20 amp & (176) 50 amp dimmed circuits on 18 motorized ceiling grids, and an equipment cage outfitted with a standard grip package. A large 18′ D x 9′ W x 12′ H freight elevator allows load-in from a street-level alley which is large enough to provide pull-through access for large tractor-trailer rigs. For multi-camera TV production, the room has connections for up to 3 HD cameras, 8 microphones & line-level stereo audio with video, teleprompter, studio-announce, & IFB returns.


CMB 6.116 Studio 6B is an extremely large 4800 sqft film & TV production studio with dimmed & motorized lighting grid, acoustical isolation, switchable HVAC, & 3-camera HD TV production system connections.

Learn more about the UT department of Radio-Telelvision-Film. Learn more about Moody College Media Production Facilities.

David Cox

Assistant Director-Projects

For more information, contact:

Kathleen Mabley at 512-232-1417