Alexander Rosales

Alexander Rosales Headshot

MFA Production Student

My name is Alexander Rosales and I'll soon be able to say I live at home with my mom. Who am I? Well, most of the time, I find it hard to articulate. I'm in my mid-twenties and originally grew up in North Austin. I love cinema, and I discovered that at an early age, thanks to watching many films with my dad. Joined the film squad in high school where we made bad short films obliviously, but passionately. Eventually, we were able to take a portion of the class to the 2011 Cannes Film Festival at the end of senior year. I moved to the DFW metroplex to attend The University of Texas at Arlington where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film. Throughout my seven-year tenure in the DFW, I've been able to continue to tell stories as a Director and a "shreditor" in other video mediums such as commercials, more short films (some shot on super 16mm film), and plenty of my own commissioned projects. All of the experiences and relationships allowed me to travel across the United States and even to Argentina for work. However, something made me feel my journey as a filmmaker is only partially realized, and maybe my hometown is where I can go and figure out the rest. At the moment, I don't have any niche subjects or themes that I'll be exploring while in the grad program, I guess I'm interested in the fundamentals that make us human. My father passed away in 2012, and he's a huge reason for my motivation to attend UT. I'm looking forward to making him proud as a Longhorn (love you Dad).