Longhorn Denius Film Showcase 2014

Longhorn Denius Film Showcase 2014

The Department of Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin is delighted to announce the third annual Wofford Denius Longhorn Showcase, which will feature twelve of this year’s best student shorts. Among the films are three regional Student Academy Award winners (listed below), which will proceed to the national finals in May.

The event, which includes a 6 p.m. screening and a 9:30 p.m. reception, will take place on Saturday, May 11 at KLRU Studio 6A. It is free and open to the public.

“Every year, this celebration of student films features young filmmakers who go on to national and international prominence,” said Paul Stekler, chair of the Department of Radio-Television-Film and the Wofford Denius Chair in Entertainment Studies. “Our filmmakers have screened at Venice, Sundance, Toronto, Dubai and other major festivals where they have received critical acclaim. They got started in screenings right here in Austin. I encourage everyone to come out and see the filmmakers who’ll find similar success in the future and continue to fuel the film industry in Texas.”

The Longhorn Film Showcase is sponsored by Beth and Wofford Denius and the Cain Foundation, with contributions from R&R Partners Texas, David Weeks & Suzanne Erickson; Mike Jones; and Ron Standifer.

Film List

  • Incident at Public School 173 (12:31) – Narrative, directed by Andrew Tilley, BS student
  • Peaches (5:14) – Music Video, directed by Johanna Witherby, MFA student
  • The Longest Sun (16:26) – Narrative, directed by Patrick William Smith, MFA student
  • Yeah Kowalski! (10:01) – Narrative, directed by Evan Roberts, MFA student
  • The Yellow Wallpaper (2:59) – Experimental, directed by Nidhi Reddy, BS student
  • Ash (10:19) – Documentary, directed by Nathan S. Duncan, MFA student
  • The Teleported Man (12:38) – Narrative, directed by Zach Endres, BS student
  • Factory (4:38) – Music Video, directed by Johanna Witherby, MFA student
  • Ex-Votos (23:00) – Narrative, directed by Ivete Lucas, MFA student
  • The Midwife's Husband (21:43)Narrative, directed by Déjà Bernhardt, MFA student
  • Vultures of Tibet (21:02) – Documentary, directed by Russell O. Bush, MFA student
  • Ol' Daddy (29:20) Narrative, directed by Brian Schwarz, MFA student

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Many students who have screened at the Longhorn Film Showcase or graduated from the Department of Radio-Television-Film have become internationally renowned filmmakers. Soham Mehta, who screened “Fatakra” at the 2011 Longhorn Film Showcase, later received a Student Academy Award for the film. Other recent graduates include Susan Youssef, who won grand prizes at both the Cinema Novo Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival for “Habibi”; Heather Courtney, who won the 2012 Nokia Truer Than Fiction Independent Spirit Award for her documentary, “Where Soldiers Come From”; Kyle Henry, whose film, “Fourplay: Tampa,” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival; Rachel Tsangari, whose film “Attenberg” was Greece’s official entry for a foreign language Academy Award; and Bryan Poyser, whose feature “Lovers of Hate” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Graduate Films

my sister sarah

My Sister Sarah

Documentary (25.5 min.)
Elizabeth Chatelain, MFA '13

Sarah is a recovering methamphetamine addict living in North Dakota. She is also my sister. MY SISTER SARAH is a personal look at her fifteen-year long struggle with drug abuse and her inspiring ability to survive this addiction.



Drama (15.5 min.)
Catherine Licata, MFA '13

Accepted to Independent Film Festival Boston & Maryland Film Festival.
Charlotte and Elliott's romantic idyll is destroyed by an unexpected arrival.



Drama (16 min.)
Annie Silverstein, MFA '13

After her pit bull kills a skunk, 14-year-old Leila meets the neighborhood boy Marco. The two form an unlikely bond, until things begin to spin out of control and Leila is forced to protect what she loves most at the cost of her own innocence.

once again

Once Again

Documentary (18.8 min.)
John Spottswood Moore, MFA '12

Supported by Jesse H. Jones Fellowship and Arch Campbell Filmmaking Fellowship. Recipient of "Special Commendation," 2013 International OCD Foundation Conference.
After nearly 20 years, filmmaker John Spottswood Moore revisits his life as a ten-year-old with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Weaving together interviews, home movies, and animation, Moore tells the story of his struggles to become a champion of his own mind and body.

something to do with love

Something To Do With Love

Romantic Comedy (9.5 min.)
Matthew Koshmrl, MFA student

A hopeless romantic who is obsessed with self-defense finds herself in a fight with deadly adversaries when she attends a speed-dating event.

aint no ho in me

Ain't No Ho In Me

Documentary (13.8 min.)
Jay Hubert, MFA student

1st Place Winner at 2014 WXWC Film Festival.
World Champions. On brooms. UT's quidditch team attempts to rebuild itself after losing almost half of its players to graduation shortly after winning Quidditch World Cup VI.



Documentary (11 min.)
Tom Rosenberg, MFA student

Winner of Director's Choice award at the Black Maria Film Festival.The film has also screened at The Viennale, DokLeipzig, CPH:DOX, HotDocs, Dallas International Film Festival, L'Alternativa, Film Society at Lincoln Center's Art of the Real showcase.
An emergency crew takes meticulous care to simulate a terrorist attack for training purposes. Once the "bomb" goes off, hundreds of volunteers deliver convincing and surreal performances as stunned and mutilated blast victims.



Drama (10 min.)
Qian Zhuang, MFA student

After moving into a new apartment, a young woman discovers a hole in her living room wall and uses it to spy on the comings and goings of her neighbor. Lonely and isolated, she begins to lose touch with reality and descends into paranoia, her desire to reach out to the neighbor on the other side of the hole growing into an obsession.


I Rot a Poem

Experimental (1.5 min.)
Philip Hoover, MFA screenwriting student

A letter to home from a faraway place.

Undergraduate Films

evidence for santa

Evidence for Santa

Comedy (5.8 min.)
Mei Makino, RTF senior

A young girl is convinced the homeless man at the park is Santa and she's determined to get the truth from her parents.



Drama (11 min.)
Adam Brandenburg, BS '13

An elderly priest unburdens himself to a young archbishop.

Smoke Ring

Smoke Ring

Drama (12 min.)
Haley Anderson, BS '13

An estranged sister and brother remember their deceased mother in a small Texas town.



Experimental (0.4 min.)
Ivan Ovalle, RTF junior

Cinematography: A military act.

where were you

Where Were You

Animation (2.8 min.)
Chad Werner, RTF senior

A dinosaur, his life, and what he believes to be the end of days.


Ned's Rocket

Animation (1.5 min.)
Kennedy J. Baruch, RTF undergrad

Runner-Up at the 2013 Asian Film Festival of Dallas Student Showcase, and Jury Award: 3rd Place at 2014 Texas Union Film Festival.
Space Man Ned zooms merrily through the cosmos but can never prepare for what lies at its edge.



Animation (1 min.)
Dylan Carter, RTF junior

A young girl learns about life and death when her father takes her to chop down an old tree.


Saturday, May 11
6 p.m. Screening* | 9:30 p.m. Reception
*Note: There will be a 15-minute intermission.
Free and open to the public.


Jesse H. Jones Communication Center - Building B - CMB Studio 6A (where Austin City Limits filmed for over 25 years!),
2504-B Whitis Ave

Parking: street parking available or San Antonio Garage