Course Requirements

The rules listed on this page are specific to the 2020-2022 and 2018-2020 catalog years. Rules for previous catalogs can be found on the degree checklists (below).

RTF majors are required to complete 36 hours of coursework in Radio-Television-Film, with at least 21 of those hours taken at the upper-division level. There are no formal sequences or “tracks” in the RTF degree.

Lower Division

Students are required to complete the following lower-division RTF courses (12 credit hours total) with a grade of C- or better:

RTF 307 – Media and Society
RTF 308 – Development of Film and Media
RTF 317 – Narrative Strategies and Media Design*
RTF 318 – Introduction to Image and Sound*

*A grade of B- or better in both RTF 317 and RTF 318 is required as a prerequisite for all upper-division production courses.

RTF 301N, RTF 303C, and RTF 306 are available to non-majors only.

Upper Division

RTF majors are required to complete at least 21 hours of upper-division coursework.

Of the 21 upper-division RTF hours required for the degree, nine hours must come from courses designated as media studies. A list of acceptable upper-division media studies courses is located here.

The remaining upper-division hours can be selected from any upper-division course in production, media studies, screenwriting, digital media, etc.

Useful charts that explain the relationship (prerequisites, sequences, pathways, etc.) between upper-division courses are at Guide to Upper-Division Production Coursework and Guide to Upper-Division Media Studies Coursework.

Additional Degree Plan Information

For more information about RTF Degree requirements, please click here