2013 - Summer

Summer courses are offered in three terms. The letter preceding the course number describes the course dates:

f first term 31 May - 5 Jul
s second term 9 Jul - 10 Aug
n nine-week term 31 May - 24 Jul


There are no formal sequences or "tracks" in the RTF degree; however, each upper-division class requires specific lower-division courses as a prerequisite. Students must look ahead at their long-range, upper division plans before choosing and embarking upon their lower division course work to ensure that they meet the prerequisites for the classes they may want to take in the future.

RTF students are required to complete 4 lower division RTF courses (12 credit hours) with a grade of C or better prior to pursuing any upper-division RTF course work.

Every RTF major must complete RTF 305 with a grade of C or better. Other lower division RTF classes may be taken concurrently with 305, if necessary.

The additional 3 lower-division courses (9 credit hours) you take will depend on your plans for upper-division course work. Sample information is provided below. Consult the RTF section of the University Course Schedule each semester to verify courses and prerequisites.

For additional information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

RTF Lower Division Courses

RTF 305, Introduction to Media Studies - Required for all majors
RTF 316, History of Radio and Television - online and on campus
RTF 316M, Race, Ethnicity, and the Media
RTF 318, Introduction to Image and Sound

Lower Division Courses as Prerequisites for Upper Division Courses

Useful charts that explain the relationship between lower division prerequisites and upper division courses are at Guide to Production Courses and Guide to Media Studies Courses.

Some options for combining lower division courses in preparation for specific upper division courses are:

Students who plan to take upper-division production courses should take RTF 317, Narrative Strategies, and RTF 318, Introduction to Image and Sound, as two of these three courses. A grade of B or better in both RTF 317 and RTF 318 is a prerequisite for all upper division production courses.

Students who plan to take screenwriting or media studies courses dealing with critical and cultural analysis should take RTF 314, Development of the Motion Picture, or RTF 316, History of Radio and Television.

Students interested in courses about communication technology and/or information policy should take RTF 309, Communication Technology and Society.

Students interested in studying production with some screenwriting would need to take RTF 305, either RTF 314 or RTF 316, and both RTF 317 and RTF 318.

Students interested in studying communication technology development in the US and around the world would probably take RTF 305, RTF 309, RTF 312C and one other course according to his/her specific interests.

Students interested in studying film and television history and criticism would probably take RTF 305, RTF 314, RTF 316 and RTF 317.

Students interested in studying minority issues in radio and television broadcast would probably take RTF 305, 309, 316 and 316M.

Summer 2013