TV Writing Workshop: Pilot I


Online Workshop

Do you have a TV pilot you've been wanting to write in a creative, supportive environment? This is the perfect screenwriting workshop to launch you towards your goal. Over 10 weeks, you will focus on the development of an original series pilot—starting with a logline, drafting pitch materials, working on character development and arcs, crafting a series bible, and mapping an outline (the key to your pilot). In virtual workshop sessions, participants will receive feedback from their instructor and cohort, as well as discuss reading assignments and lectures.

Take TV Writing Workshop Pilot I either as a standalone course or continue on with TV Writing Workshop Pilot 2.

Session Information

Fall 2024

Dates TBA
10 meetings, 1 meeting per week
Mondays: 6 pm–9 pm CT

Register by May 27, 2024.

What you'll need at home


  • Computer with

    • Wi-Fi
    • Web cam

Software / Apps

Instructor: Sarah Grodsky

Sarah Grodsky is an East Coast-born screenwriter living on the West Coast with a gray tabby cat named Merlin. They currently work for Emmy nominee Amy Talkington, assisting in the development of new TV series. Sarah's pilots have been shortlisted by The Sundance Institute, NBC's Writers on the Verge, Austin Film Festival, and Screencraft Pilot Launch. Their short, B***h's Tit, was selected by the Women Texas Film Festival in 2018. They also penned Denius Showcase selections Failure to Yield and Ursus. Sarah has an MFA in Screenwriting from UT Austin RTF and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Montclair State University.

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