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M.F.A. in Film & Media Production

There is no single type of film or filmmaker here at UT Austin. Students come to us from a wide range of backgrounds—from eleven different countries in the last six years alone—and they embrace a multitude of artistic visions and approaches. What they share, however, are a passion for cinematic storytelling and an openness to creative exploration.

Only twelve such students enter our M.F.A. in Film and Media Production program each year, enabling our faculty of working professionals to provide each student optimum guidance and production opportunities to help them grow as storytellers and filmmakers.

Through extensive studio and technique courses covering all aspects of media production, M.F.A. students hone conceptual, aesthetic and technical abilities in a variety of media. Working from this broad skill base, they enjoy the artistic freedom to focus on their own creative goals in the pre-thesis and thesis projects. Each student directs at least four films during their time here—in the first year, one documentary and one fiction piece; in the second year, a pre-thesis piece of any format; and in the third year, the final thesis project. We encourage students to take risks and to explore a variety of approaches and techniques. Both creative and critical writing are integral dimensions of this process.

Our alumni have succeeded in a wide range of careers—both commercially and independently—including directing, editing, producing, cinematography, special FX, scholarship, and teaching.


In broad terms, the curriculum is structured as follows:

Year 1: Develop creative, conceptual and expressive skills using a range of media production exercises and experiences.

Year 2: Develop and refine technical skills and strengthen aesthetic, theoretical and conceptual abilities through the completion of the qualifying pre-thesis project; take additional non-production courses.

Year 3: Produce the thesis project; acquire additional expertise in theoretical domains.

The M.F.A. Handbook describes the program, curriculum requirements and course offerings in detail. Please click here to view the Handbook:

2012-2013 M.F.A. Handbook

2013-2014 M.F.A. Handbook

2014-2015 M.F.A. Handbook


Entering students must hold the bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution. Undergraduate preparation, internships and professional experience should demonstrate sufficient preparation in film and video production to predict successful performance at the graduate level. Please click here for information about admissions:

Apply to the Film & Media Production M.F.A. program

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