UT3D Program

Beginning in the fall of 2013, selected UT Radio-Television-Film students have had access to the nation’s first comprehensive 3-D production program—UT3D.

Funded by the Moody Foundation, UT3D is a coordinated curriculum of instruction and practice in 3-D production techniques, designed to complement RTF students’ other production course-work. Students produce a range of 3-D content, including sports, scientific research and documentaries, as well as narrative pieces, and explore recent 3-D innovations such as “glasses-free” 3-D for tablets and cellphones, and—soon—virtual reality capture and display devices. Students who complete the two required courses plus an associated internship or special projects course will earn a program certificate.

Teachers in the program include leading 3-D filmmakers such as Buzz Hays, Dave Drzewiecki, Shannon Benna, and Matt Blute. Wayne Miller is a UT RTF graduate, award-winning director and producer of both 3D and 2D content, who serves as consultant and was instrumental in launching the UT3D program. Miller’s credits include: FOO FIGHTERS LIVE 3D, RED BULL RAMPAGE 3D, WE ARE THE WORLD FOR HAITI 3D, SD TELEKOM, and AIR FORCE 3D.

Hays, who serves as senior lecturer and instructor for the program, has worked in 3-D for more than 30 years, on films including MONSTER HOUSE, OPEN SEASON, G-FORCE, BEOWULF, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, PROMETHEUS, LIFE OF PI, THE GREAT GATSBY, and the MEN IN BLACK and SPIDER-MAN films. He founded the Sony 3D Technology Center, the leading 3-D industry training program, and he was the founding chairman of the International 3D Society.

"Buzz is perfect to act as lead instructor of UT3D because of his extensive experience and industry contacts," said Don Howard, UT3D program director and co-chair of the UT3D advisory board. "He has been very successful running similar industry-oriented training programs, but in addition he brings an incredibly broad and insightful perspective regarding 3-D's potential in new formats and distribution venues."

Drzewiecki, a 25-year veteran director of photography, cinematographer and stereoscopic 3-D expert, has worked on films including PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES and JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND.

Benna is a multimedia artist who has been working in 3-D since 2007, in a wide variety of roles. In 2009 she helped found Los Angeles’ “Stereo Sisters,” which fosters connectivity and synergy for women who “work, live & love in 3-D.”

Blute is a recognized stereographer with an extensive background as a cinematographer and camera operator; he also worked with Hays and Drzewiecki at the Sony 3D Technology Center. Recent credits as stereographer include TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION and STALINGRAD.