New opportunity for UT undergrads: RTF Minors

Beginning Fall 2018

The Department of Radio-Television-Film is excited to announce that we will be offering three new minors for undergraduate students under the 2018–2020 and future catalogs:

  • Minor in Media Studies,
  • Minor in Digital Media, and
  • Minor in Media and Entertainment Industries.

Details about the minors can be found here:

With the Media Studies minor, students will gain the analytical tools necessary for critical analysis of film, television, and digital media forms within the broader intellectual framework of the humanities and social sciences. Students in the minor will have the opportunity to examine film, broadcasting, games, and mobile media in a range of historical, sociocultural, creative, and industrial contexts. Courses cover diverse topics including global, regional, and national perspectives on the media; authorship, genre, and ideology; representations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class; and digital media culture, technologies, policies, and design. As a complement to a major area of study, a minor in media studies can offer deep insight into how media and society interact, and prepare students for a range of careers.

The Digital Media minor provides a selection of courses that will cultivate students’ understandings and abilities in a general area recognized as digital media. The courses in this minor emphasize a) knowledge of how communication technologies have developed historically; b) their social and cultural functions and dynamics; c) how specific communication and cultural industries operate and evolve in a global environment; and d) how elements of art and design figure into expressions of and interactions with digital media. Students completing this minor will gain advanced skills in digital media domains including social media and new media industries. They will also examine ethical issues developing around the new media environment.

The minor in Media and Entertainment Industries will provide undergraduates with an understanding of how the media and entertainment industries operate. Students will survey the histories, structures, and contemporary work practices of the media and entertainment industries. They will learn about the activities of media organizations and how media professionals navigate a rapidly changing industrial environment. The minor is designed to prepare students for careers within and related to a range of media and entertainment industries and professions including film, television, social and mobile media, and gaming, among other possibilities. Students will be exposed to a range of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors at a time when the media landscape is undergoing rapid transformations both nationally and internationally. The Media and Entertainment Industries minor allows students from a range of majors across UT Austin to interact in class, engage in experiential learning, enhance their employment qualifications, and generally prepare them to be leaders in these dynamically evolving industries. The minor also allows enough flexibility for students to customize their study to focus on areas of the media and entertainment industries of great interest to them.

Detailed information about each minor including admissions requirements can be found in the tabs on RTF minors web page.

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in their own majors before applying. In addition, questions about how minors fit into degree plans should be directed to the student’s primary major advisor.

Questions about RTF minor requirements, rules, and procedures can be directed to Jeffrey Marsh

Elana Wakeman

Communications & Programs Coordinator

For more information, contact:

Kathleen Mabley at 512-232-1417