About our program and students
The Department of Radio-Television-Film offers a Bachelor of Science degree.


RTF Undergraduate Program

The Department of Radio-Television-Film offers a Bachelor of Science degree.

Our undergraduate program is one of the most dynamic and highly regarded media programs in the country, and we take great pride in the impressive work done by our current students and alumni. Our undergraduates have won numerous awards at international, national, and regional film festivals, and conduct media studies research supported by prestigious scholarships. Many of our students participate in internships with both independent and big-budget film production companies, as well as with radio and television stations, video game and web design companies, and a variety of other media institutions.

Students graduating with a BS in RTF generally take courses that entail studying media as well as making media.  Media industries are altering many opportunities and structures, and it is important that students understand how they were created and have operated as well as where they are moving today. Issues such as globalization, the history and contemporary structure of media industries, media content, texts, and policy and regulation are among the subjects our media studies curriculum covers. Students studying these topics will be well prepared to analyze the critical trends that have shaped and continue to transform the industry. Our goal is to cultivate critical thinking and adaptive abilities so that students working in this dynamic field are capable of applying their fundamental understandings to whatever professional and civic challenges they may face. For more details, visit here.