About our program and students

RTF Undergraduate Program

Earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film.

Critical Arts + Creative Studies

Join one of the most dynamic and highly regarded film and media programs in the country.

If you aim to be part of the next generation of great storytellers, media makers, and critical media citizens, our intersection of cutting-edge film school and world-class media studies program is the perfect, affordable match for your creative ambitions. Equip yourself for the 21st-century media landscape through our comprehensive curriculum, which mixes tried-and-true film school fundamentals with mastery of state-of-the-art technology while cultivating both your unique voice and your understanding of trends that have shaped and continue to transform the media industry, our cultural practices, and political and economic structures.

Growing Talent

Our undergraduates are smart, diverse, hard-working, and passionate. And they are not afraid to take artistic risks. They have won numerous awards at international, national, and regional film festivals, and conduct critical media studies research that sheds light on what we are watching and making. Many of our students also participate in internships with both independent and big-budget film production companies, as well as with radio and television stations, video game and web design companies, festivals, and a variety of other media institutions.

Meanwhile, our graduates are making waves in all sectors of media industries throughout the globe. Alumni are not only directors, cinematographers, editors, sound designers, and screenwriters, they’re also app developers, scholars, CEOs, agents, producers, animators, and game designers.

Student Stories

RTF junior Aylin Martinez Barrera is motivated to make not just compelling films—but powerful tools that build community.