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About Radio-Television-Film

Reinventing the model of a traditional "film school," we are one of the few top-ranking U.S. media programs to offer degrees in both practical and theoretical areas —i.e., in both media production and media studies—and incorporate courses in both the humanities and social sciences, preparing our students to succeed in a wide range of careers—in industry, the arts, higher education, and public policy.

We offer a broad range of courses covering media arts, culture, and industry leading to the Bachelor of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees. Major film festivals, television outlets, curators, and academic journals have recognized the outstanding work of RTF students, alumni, and faculty.


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Our Mission

Empowering the next generation of critical minds and creative voices in an ever-changing media landscape. 

Our mission is to provide quality education to undergraduate and graduate students in media studies and in the creation of media, to inspire better media practices as well as informed citizen engagement through media literacy, and to create an environment that supports all creative work and scholarly research. A particular goal of all the work of the Department is to explore and promote issues of social justice as they relate to communication.

Brief History of the Department

In 1921, a radio station was established to conduct experimental work in radio communication, and by the 1930s what was probably the first television broadcast in Texas originated on this campus. This spawned an interest in an academic program in broadcasting. The first degree program in broadcasting began in 1939.

In 1965 the School of Journalism, the Department of Speech, and a newly formed Department of Radio-Television-Film became the three departments officially organized as the School of Communication. Construction of a three-building communication complex began in 1968, and the three Departments of Journalism, Radio-Television-Film and Speech Communication moved into new facilities in 1974.

In 1979, the School of Communication became the College of Communication. At official ceremonies in April 1982, the three buildings comprising the communication complex were named the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center in honor of Mr. Jones, founder of the Houston Endowment.

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