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Welcome to Austin, TX—home to great film festivals, a renowned live music scene, and some of today’s hottest feature filmmakers, TV show runners, and internationally recognized media scholars. And at the heart of Austin, seeding both the high-tech industry and vibrant arts community, is The University of Texas. It’s where you can write / direct / edit / shoot / produce the next Hollywood blockbuster, original television pilot, or small indie gem; where you can gain hands-on training with the latest and greatest animation and visual effects technology; and where you can launch your creative and professional career by honing your understanding of the historical, cultural, industrial and global contexts surrounding film, television, and digital media.

Virtual Film & Media Camps & Workshops—for All Ages

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Camps for Kids

Are your kids curious about the process of filmmaking? Do they love to play video games and might like to design their own? Do they live for animation or love to laugh at funny movies? Our faculty of advanced graduate students, professors, and media professionals can help develop those interests and teach your kids the skills to make the content they love. Each session presents an opportunity for your kids to stay engaged creatively this summer while making friends and having fun with other imaginative kids.

RTF Camps Workshops

Workshops for Adults

Harness resources around you and cultivate new ones as you express yourself cinematically in these production workshops and writing bootcamps. Under the careful guidance of our faculty of university professors, advanced graduate students, and media professionals, you'll meet with other creatives online to hone filmmaking and screenwriting crafts and master the latest filmmaking technology.

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Featured Videos

RTF 329C Digital Media Production

Dear Bruh: A Eulogy. A Baptism. A Call to Action.

Director: Ya'Ke Smith (Associate Professor)

Call Her Ganda

Director: PJ Raval (Associate Professor)

Matthew McConaughey Class

Directors: RTF Script to Screen students

Featured Programs

RTF offers Workshops & Camps

Learn more about our summer media camps and adult workshops, taught by some of the best filmmakers and faculty in Austin.

Emergent and Digital Media

Building on the foundation of the groundbreaking UT3D initiative, today's Emergent & Digital Media Program blends innovations in interactive and immersive storytelling with state-of-the-art technology.

Media Industry Conversations (MIC)

Industry professionals discuss today's evolving media landscape in new speaker series.

Media Studies Colloquium

This lecture series is designed to expose students to the diversity of media studies scholarship, provide models for research presentations, and enable advanced graduate students to present work related to their dissertation projects.