Alex Remington

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PhD Student


Professional Links & Recent Works

Alex Remington is a doctoral candidate in the Radio-Television-Film department at The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on American media industries, media history, and cultural analysis. He is currently working on a long-form project about the positioning of the horror genre on classic network-era television by industrial stakeholders such as programmers, critics, censors, and distributors. His work has been published in Media Industries journal, The Velvet Light Trap, Flow, and Monstrum

Alex has also completed a graduate portfolio program in Religious Studies at UT Austin. Alex has assisted and/or taught courses in media industries, media history, and media aesthetics. Along with teaching and writing, he has served on the Graduate Student Organizations of his home departments at UT Austin and UT Dallas, worked as a grad rep for the SCMS Horror Studies SIG, participated as a Peabodys screener, and acted as co-lead editor for The Velvet Light Trap

Prior to his doctoral work at UT, Alex received his MA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication from The University of Texas at Dallas. He received his BA in Art History from the University of Southern California. He has worked in the fashion industry as well as the visual arts industries in Dallas and Miami.