Camilo Montoya

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MFA Production Student

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Camilo earned a bachelor's degree in Social Communication from Universidad EAFIT, in Medellín, Colombia. Since graduating, he has done a little bit of everything around the communications field, from newspaper articles, PR, and social media, to websites, content strategies, graphic design, and audiovisual productions. Among these work experiences, Camilo has led digital marketing campaigns for indie films, produced educational videos for corporate orientations, become—very briefly—a scientific communicator, and served as communications manager of his city’s film commission. He has collaborated in several film, advertising, and music video projects, primarily as an editor and motion graphics artist.

As a student of the MFA in Film and Media Production, Camilo aspires to find his place in filmmaking through stories that explore identity, disconnection, self-discovery, and the interplay between media and society.

Areas of focus: Fiction, editing, screenwriting, identity, self-discovery, coming of age, mass media, psychology, sci-fi, post-modernism.