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MFA Production Student

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Raul Seca Jr. is a videographer, photographer, and musician. Born in Laredo, Texas, a small city on the border of Mexico just southwest of Austin, his spark for film was ignited early within him when he first began videotaping home movies with his family in 2004 at 11 years old, the same age he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Initially, life proved mostly difficult that year, but his childhood with this disease was made easier when he met his first camcorder. The joy and adventure he discovered while learning to shoot with his family and friends made a lasting impact, and from that point on, Raul knew he wanted to revolve his life around filmmaking. He finds great joy in piecing together ideas and exploring his creative side. Throughout his life, Raul has worked as a freelance photographer and videographer in his hometown, specializing in abstract, candid, street, documentary, and portrait styles of work. Additionally, he enjoys writing and composing music. Raul is the creator and producer of an electronic ambient music project called Diabetic Jesus, a multi-instrumental solo act that he performs live. He finds fulfillment in bringing ideas to life and expressing himself through various artistic mediums.