Xian Wang

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MFA Production Student

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Xian Wang, a Chinese woman raised in Northern China, is a filmmaker and rapper, and she loves learning cultures and languages from different parts of the world.

She studied film production as an undergraduate, and during that time, directed short films and produced hip-hop music. She is dedicated to exploring the complexities of Female Consciousness, East Asian society, and self-awareness.

Driven by her love for film, Xian also worked as a Captioner at various film screenings. This opportunity not only exposed her to a vast array of films but also honed her ability to understand the nuances of different cultures and languages.

Seeking to expand her creative horizons further, she decided to continue her MFA at UT Austin. She has a profound curiosity for various artistic mediums, and in the future, she intends to push boundaries and explore new forms of expression by experimenting with different subjects and amplifying diverse voices. She hopes that her work will inspire others to embrace their own unique stories and cultural diversity and contribute to a more harmonious and inclusive world.

Areas of focus: narrative film, sci-fi,  self-awareness, East Asian society, human rights, fantasy, psychological horror, feminism, Chinese myth stories