2018 SCMS Conference

March 14-18 - Toronto

For film, television, and media scholars, the annual conference hosted by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) is one of the biggest scholarly events of the year. This year in Toronto, RTF faculty, students and alumni will present their latest research, engage in critical dialogues on media studies topics, and network with regarded cinema and media scholars from around the world. Many of those scholars are listed below.

During the award ceremony on Thursday, March 15, PhD student Briana Barner will be receiving the SCMS 2018 Black Caucus Student Writing Prize for her paper "The Conversations That Black People Have When White People Aren't In The Room: The Podcast As Public Sphere."

UT RTF Scholars Participating in 2018 SCMS Conference

(partial list)

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Kathy Fuller-Seeley
-B18: Adventures in the Archive: Uncovering the Ephemera of Film History
-“Fannish Devotion, Gender Ideology, and Creation of Film History from the Bottom Up: Cara Hartwell's Movie Scrapbook, 1914-1985”

Shanti Kumar
-I2: Revisiting the “Classics”: Contemporary Perspectives on Core Debates in Media Theory
-“Rethinking Active vs. Passive Audience Theory”

Suzanne Scott
-M14: Defining “Appropriate Fandom”
-“Rethinking ‘Fan Investment’: Legion M and the Future of Fanancing”

Janet Staiger
-L22: Hollywood's Industry Strategies Revised (Chair)
-“‘To Turn Words into Pictures’: Screenwriting in the Package-unit Era” 

Joseph Straubhaar
-I2: Revisiting the “Classics”: Contemporary Perspectives on Core Debates in Media Theory
-“Revisiting Cultural Imperialism: Netflix in Latin America”

Students & Alumni

Briana Barner
-B6: Global Images of Progress, Politics, and Protest
-“Digital (Awkward) Black Girls: Exploring Representation of Black Women on Netlflix”

Shu Ching Chan
-F5: Reconfiguring Borders, Centers, and Peripheries
-“China's Main Melody Films by Hong Kong Filmmakers: Cooptation or Subversion?”

Tupur Chatterjee
-F8: Bodies in Spaces: Physical Media Consumption (Chair)
-“Architectures of Happiness: Designing the 'Malltiplex' in India”

Kate Cronin
-C6: Performative Pasts: Using Archives to Understand the Present (Chair)
-“Cataloging Authorship: Creative Collaboration and Archival Practice in Contemporary Television”

Selena Dickey
-O7: Atoms, Energy, Waves: Exploring the Physics of Media Technologies
 -“AT&T, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the Fight for Communications Satellite Control”

Julian Etienne
-R20: Non-theatrical film: Hemispheric American Perspectives (Seminar Leader)

Laura Felschow
-Q17: The Television Industries, Distribution, and Digital Culture
-“‘Call me Cordelia’: Anne with an E and the Imagined Netflix Audience”

Eric Forthun
-I23: Psychiatry, Policing, and Incarceration
-“Maria Bamford, Lady Dynamite , and the Stand-up Comic's Influence on the Sitcom Format”

Joshua Gleich
-M5: Fragmented Archives and Industries: Research Challenges in Postwar Hollywood Historiography
-“‘Scattered to the 4 Winds’: Exploring the Semi-Documentary through Studio Archives”

Keara Goin
-Q13: Mediating Charlottesville #2: Charlottesville and Our Fractured Classroom
-“On Real/Symbolic Violence”

Ashlynn d'Harcourt
-G20: Our Bodies, Our Comedy: The Embodied Humor of Women Comedians
-“Clowning Around: Vaudeville Anarchy in Women Comics’ Stand-up Comedy Specials”

Amanda Halprin
-J12: Fans as Cultural Intermediaries
-“I Don’t Speak Korean: How US English-language Audiences Interpret Cultural and Linguistic References in Korean Dramas”

Britta Hanson
-T17: Widening Histories of the Small Screen: TV’s Connections to Music, Theatre, and the Avant-garde
-“‘She Flew into 65,000,000 Hearts!’: Peter Pan, Broadway, and the 1950s TV Musical”

Rusty Hatchell
-C9: Canadian Media History and Discourse: On Screen, Off Screen, and Online
-“When Vancouver is Vancouver: Negotiating Canadianness in North American Science-Fiction Television”

Charlotte Howell
-Q17: The Television Industries, Distribution, and Digital Culture
-“Welcome to the Fempire: The National Women’s Soccer League Branding on Lifetime and Go90”

Jennifer Kang
-A11: The Art and Craft of Media Labor
 -“Engaging with the Vernacular: Korean Web Dramas and Independent Productions”

Jinsook Kim
-A8: Cultural Discourses in Recent Asian Media                   
-“No Democracy without Feminism: Feminist Critiques ofMisogynistic Discourses Surrounding President Park Geun-hye’s Impeachment”   

Jessalynn Keller
-N3: Anti-Trump Resistance across Feminized Media Cultures
 -“Teen Vogue , Public Feelings, and the Political Economy of ‘Woke-ness’”

Peter Kunze
-R11: Mediated Space by/for Young People (Seminar Leader)
-T3: Subversive Media/Subversive Comedy
-“Black Conservative Satire, Social Media Celebrity, and the Alt Right”

Amanda Landa
-B4: The Politics and Culture of Media Online
-“Death Note and Netflix: Adaptation and Audience Pitfalls”

Anne Major
-C17: Curating Niche Content (Chair)
-“What's in a Niche?: FilmStruck's Streaming Services and the Over-the-top Marketplace"

Alfred L. Martin
-O12: "Peak Television" and Quality TV Failures
-“Quality TV while Black: Underground and the Precarity of Black Failure”

Colleen Montgomery
-K14: Sounding Out Cartoons: Examining the Animated Film Soundtrack
-“‘Leased Larynxes’: Tracing the Industrial History of Vocal Performance in Disney Animation in the 1930s-1940s”

Lucia Palmer
-G4: Recognizing Bodies
-“Surveilling the Bodies of Border Crossers: Traces and
Apparitions of the Human at the US-Mexico Border”

Jacqueline Pinkowitz
-S20: Racial Politics in Cinema and Television
-“‘Rape and Race’: Exposing/Exploiting Slavery’s Monstrous Intimacies in Late 1960s and Early 1970s Slavery Exploitation Films”

Timothy Piper
-P12: Geographies of Sports Media (Chair)
-“Transmitting ‘The City Game’: Superstations, Basketball, and the Politics of Urban Place”

Swapnil Rai
-T16: Still Gazing at the Stars
-“Of Courtesans, Dream Girls, and Brahmin Beauties: Female Star Switching Power in Bollywood Production Culture”

Michael Rennett
-S8: Childhood, Adolescence, and Coming of Age
-“Diverse Paths to Adulthood: The Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Emerging-Adult Narratives”

Avi Santo
-E1: Franchising Feminism: Branding, Merchandising, and Managing Gendered Properties in the Cultural Industries
-“Shelving the Franchise: Why are Wonder Woman Toys on the Boys Action Figure Aisle?”

Margaret Steinhauer
-A1: Mediating Fan Labor
-“#Save: Reality Competition Programming & Twitter Integration on Broadcast Television”

R. Colin Tait
-O12: "Peak Television" and Quality TV Failures
-“The Curious Case of The Knick : How Steven Soderbergh’s‘Quality TV’ Show Got Cancelled”

Ramna Walia
-D25: Global Distribution Circuits
-“Vernacular Industry: Makeshift Economy and the Design of Video Parlors in Malegaon”

Kristen Warner
-M14: Mobilizing Cultural Competencies/Understanding Black Popular Mediated Identities
-“Nostalgia and Disrespectability”

Lesley Willard
-S22: Fandom, Reception, and Critique in a Digital Age
-“#FanArtFriday: A Case for the (Increasing) Importance of Data and Mixed Methods in Fan Studies”

Kyle Wrather
-B22 Media Technologies, New and Old
-“Peripheral Visions: Marketing TV Accessories in the VCR Age, (1980-1985)”


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