Spring 2023 End of Semester Screenings

April 27–30

We are very excited to present this semester's student work to the public. The free screenings and demonstrations will take place at various venues, as noted below, over four days, wrapping up on Sunday with graduate films, including two programs of MFA thesis films.

We hope you can join us!

2023_spring-end-of-semester-screenings April 27–30

Screening Details

To view digital flyers with information about individual class screenings, please refer to the corresponding screening programs


Thursday, 4/27

CMB Studio 6A

2:30–3:45              RTF 366K Narrative Production • Micah Barber

4:00–4:50              RTF 343D Cinematography • Deb Lewis

4:55–5:50              RTF 343/388P Cinema Laboratory • Deb Lewis

6:00–7:00              Digital Demo Day Presentation Ben Bays    

  •    RTF 329C Digital Media Production
  •    RTF 344M Intro to Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
  •    RTF 368S Emergent Cinematic Thesis

7:15–10:30            RTF 343 Advanced Documentary Production Iliana Sosa

GDC 3.100 Atrium 
(third floor, up one flight of stairs from the entry-level lobby)

5:00–7:00             Digital Demo Day: RTF 344T Game Development Capstone 3D Games • Paul Toprac

Friday, 4/28

CMB Studio 6A

1:00–2:30              RTF 340 Multi-Camera Directing • David Schneider

2:45–4:15              RTF 366K  Intro to Narrative • Nancy Schiesari

4:30–6:30              RTF 366K  Intro to Documentary • Nancy Schiesari

6:45–8:15              RTF 366K  Intro to Narrative • Miguel Alvarez

8:30–10:00            RTF 343  Advanced Narrative Production • Miguel Alvarez

CMB Studio 4A & CMA 4.148

3:00–4:30              RTF 344M Virtual Production • Deepak Chetty

Saturday, 4/29

Texas Union Theatre (UNB 2.228)

1:00–3:00             RTF 366K Death and Documentary Andrew Garrison

3:15–4:45             RTF 366K Producing the Television PilotYa'Ke Smith

5:15–7:15             Block 1 - RTF 368S Undergraduate Production Thesis •
Richard Lewis

7:15–7:45             Intermission

7:45–9:30             Block 2 - RTF 368S Undergraduate Production Thesis • Richard Lewis

Sunday, 4/30

Texas Union Theatre (UNB 2.228)

1:00–2:45              RTF 881KB  MFA First-Year Narrative Production • Ya'Ke Smith

3:15–5:45              MFA Pre-Thesis • Iliana Sosa

Texas Union Santa Rita Room (3.502)

6:00–7:15              MFA Reception   

Texas Union Theatre (UNB 2.228)       

7:30–9:30              MFA Thesis Films - Films by Aisha Sultanbekova, Tim Chang, Edem Dotse, Camille Morales-Zayas, Fumiya Hayakawa

Graduate Thesis Films

Marking the culmination of their MFA program, new and recent graduates Aisha Sultanbekova, Tim Chang, Edem Dotse, Camille Morales-Zayas, and Fumiya Hayakawa will screen their thesis films for the public on Sunday night, April 30, at 7:30 pm at the Texas Union Theater (UNB 2.228).

Join us upstairs in the Santa Rita Room (UNB 3.502) immediately before the screenings at 6 pm for a light reception.

The event is free and open to the community.

Still for Doris


Edem Dotse

When her livelihood is threatened by her disruptive fits, a reticent young woman struggles to escape the control of mysterious beings while harboring a growing jealousy of a close friend.

17:38 • Drama - Magical Realism

Return Trip Still


Directed by Hao-Wei Timothy Chang

Disillusioned with his life in America, Shuwei returns to Taiwan hoping to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend. When they meet at a friend's wedding, the result is a night of winding conversation and emotional revelation.

20:00 • Coming-of-Age Drama



Directed by Camille Morales-Zayas

After the death of their sister, two brothers reach a breaking point as they struggle to process their grief.

13:26 • Drama

Still for Golden Moon


Directed by Aisha Sultanbekova

From late nights studying at Columbia University in New York to undergoing engine inspections in the middle of nowhere, Kyrgyz medical student Altynai pushes herself to not only maintain her high grades but also to finance her education by working as a truck driver.

14:30 • Documentary

Still for Soft Breath


Directed by Fumiya Hayakawa

While Eva, a Puerto Rican woman enjoys her morning with her lover, she realizes Takuya, her Japanese husband, might have been in danger of a big earthquake in Japan. When he comes back, Eva is forced to examine her relationship with him

14:48 • Drama - Magical Realism

Elana Wakeman
Sr. Programs & Communications Coordinator