2017 SCMS Conference

March 22-26 - Chicago

For film, television, and media scholars, the annual conference hosted by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) is one of the biggest scholarly events of the year. This year in Chicago, RTF faculty, students and alumni will present their latest research, engage in critical dialogues on media studies topics, and network with regarded cinema and media scholars from around the world.


UT RTF Scholars Participating in 2017 SCMS Conference

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Mary Beltran
-O15: Responsibilities to Communities: Space and Text (Chair)
-"TV Storytelling and Responsibility to Communities: The Cases of Resurrection Blvd., George Lopez, and Cristela"

Shanti Kumar  
-R18: New Imaginings of the Regional (Chair)
-"Beyond the ‘Regional’: South Indian Blockbusters in Indian Cinema"

Curran Nault
-S17: Rethinking Queer Film History
- "Homonationalism of a Different Hue: Bakla Cinema in the Philippines"

Alisa Perren
- T3: Researching the Media Industries: The Case of the American Comic Book Industry (Chair, Workshop Participant)

Thomas Schatz
-P19: Historiographical Approaches and Challenges in Researching the Centennial History of the Hollywood Film Studios (Workshop Participant)

Suzanne Scott
-R19: Fandom and Merchandising (Chair)
-"(Cross) Dressing the Part: Fan Identity, Everyday Cosplay, and Character Dresses"

Joe Straubhaar
-N3: “Disruption”—Remaking Contemporary Television Culture, Part 1: Nation, Audience, and Infrastructure
-"Class, Cosmopolitanism, Access, and Netflix in Latin America: Transformation within a Digital Divide"

Students & Alumni

Manuel G. Aviles-Santiago
M6: Language Politics in Latino Media: Speech, Race, and Technology
-"Targeting Billenials: The Policing of Spanish versus the Linguistic Flexibility in Univision"

James Buhler
-K4: Rethinking Silent Cinema Sound
-"Playing the Picture: Theory and Practice of Silent Film Accompaniment "

Shu Ching Chan
C7: Contemporary Economies of East Asian Media
-"Actualizing Community: Foreign Film and Coproduction in China Market"

Tupur Chatterjee
-M20: Global Cinema: Between Cosmopolitanism and Resistance
-"Gender, Geography, and the Cinema Hall: A Map of Public Anxiety"

Claire Cooley
-J9: Fluid Structures: Gendered Negotiations of the Transnational
-"Umm Kulthum Enters the Big Screen: Navigating Womanhood and the National through the Sound Film"

Julian Etienne
-B10: Precarious Movement: Embodied Uncertainty in Contemporary Latin American Cinema
-"Vibrant Media: Gleaning, Digging, and Turbulence in the Work of Bruno Varela"

Laura Felschow
-T12: Broadway and Media Studies
-"Broadway Is a Two-way Street: Co-opting Hollywood Distribution and Exhibition"

Laura Fish
-J9: Fluid Structures: Gendered Negotiations of the Transnational
-"Thank You for Sharing: Invigorating Online Sharing of Iranian Popular Cinema through Layered Masculinities"

Britta Hanson
-D13: Sex and Gender Ambivalence and Ambiguity: Queering the Boundaries
-"Wig in a Box: Queer Ambivalence and Gender Politics on Lip Sync Battle"

Rusty Hatchell
- V13:
Masculinity, Sexuality, and Genre in Contemporary Entertainment
-"Grand New Opry: Steve Grand, Gay Musicians, and Subverting the American Music Industry"

Charlotte Howell
-I5: The Celebrity of Politics: Crafting Public Image and Performing the Presidency in the 21st Century
- "What Does a Female President Look Like?: TV's Female Presidents and Hillary Rodham Clinton's Candidate Persona" 

Lokeilani Kaimana
-G18: Insurgent Historiographies: Media Responses to Anti-black Violence
-"Creative Combatants: QTPOC Media Aesthetics as Intergenerational Pedagogies"

Jennifer Kang
-E16: Stretching beyond the Box: Television across Borders and Screens
-"The Great Inheritance from Television?: The Emergence of South Korean Web Dramas"

Peter Kunze (Chair)
-T12: Broadway and Media Studies (Chair)
-"Broadway (Re)bound: Howard Ashman, Beauty and the Beast, and the Disney Renaissance"

Amanda Landa
-T7: Studies in Horror: Bodies, Music, Auteurs
-"Channeling John Carpenter: Retro Horror Aesthetics and Synthesizer Soundtracks"

Yi Lu
K14: Social Criticism through Humor: The Arts of East Asian Comedies (Chair)
-"Playing Games: The Carnivalesque Spirit and Utopia in Dream

Anne Major
-Q14: Platform Follows Function: The Turn Towards Platform Theory for Media Studies
-"Niche Streams: Fandor and Tribeca Shortlist’s Subscription Video-on-demand Services"

Alfred Martin (Chair)
-P6: Queer(ing) Production/Producing Queerness (Chair)
-"Queerly Cast: Television Production, Casting, and the Erasure of Queer Labor " 

Caitlin McClune
-U15: Documenting at the Edge: Producing, Distributing, and Living Mediated Reality
-"Digital Unhu: Network Connectivity and Emerging Tendencies in the Zimbabwean Documentary Zim.Doc"

Colleen Montgomery
- C14: Retracing Histories of Soviet and East European Media
-"For Those Who Survived the ‘90s’: Aleksei Balabanov's Post-Soviet Heritage Porn"

Paul Monticone
-J2: Theorizing Craft: History and Interpretation of Below-the-line Creative Work (Workshop Participant)

Joan Neuberger
- O14: The Permeable Screen: Time, Movement, Image in Early Soviet Cinema
-"Eisenstein, Gesture, and the Dialectics of Acting"

Morgan O'Brien
-O4: More than Play: Gamers as Fans and Tinkerers in the Era of the Microcomputer
-"A Cracking Good Time–Exploring Amiga Cracker Culture in 1980s Britain"

Lucia Palmer
B10: Precarious Movement: Embodied Uncertainty in Contemporary Latin American Cinema
-"Precarity, Grievability, and the Lives of Border Crossers: Documentary Film Activism and Reimagining Frameworks of Migration Along the Mexico-US Border"

Jacqueline Pinkowitz 
F14: American Conceptions of Home: Creating Space and Place (Chair)
- "’A Land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields Called the Old South’: The Production of Place in Gone with the Wind (1939)"

Timothy Piper
V5: Politics and Paradoxes of Modern Celebrity
-"#NoJusticeNoLeBron: Black Athlete Activism, Messianic Masculinity, and Social Media"

Swapnil Rai
-J5: The Functions of Celebrity in Production Culture (Chair)
- "The Rise of Bollywood’s Global Stars: SRK, Aamir and the Centrality of the Star in Indian Hindi Cinema’s Transnational Entertainment Network"

Michael Rennett
-Teen Series, Industrial Practices, and Marketing Strategies
-"Teen TV Graduates: One Tree Hill and Marketing ‘Genre Evolution’"

Ramna Walia
-C16: Working It: Performance and Structure in Media Labor
-"Branding Mollywood: Mobile Economy of India’s Spoof Video Industry"

Kyle Wrather
L16: The Art of Intimacy: Examining the Aesthetics of Podcasting
-"Clap for the Listeners at Home: Performance and Politics of the Podcast ‘Live Show’"


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