2022 SCMS Virtual Conference

March 31–April 22

For film and media scholars, the annual conference hosted by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies is one of the biggest scholarly events of the year. Check out UT RTF presenters (listed below) at this year's virtual SCMS Conference! And congratulations to PhD student Pete Johnson on winning the SCMS Graduate Student Writing Award for Media Industries.

UT RTF Scholars - Scheduled to participate in 2022 SCMS Conference
(partial list)

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Suzanne Scott
E6: Fandom and/as Lifestyle Branding
“The Dark Side of Luxury Fan Tourism: The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser and Storyliving by Proxy” 

Noah Isenberg
E11: Billy Wilder and the Archive: From Vienna to Sunset Boulevard
“A Whole Different Sex”: Barbette and the Art of Drag Performance

Curran Nault
G13: In/visibility and Belonging
“No Bodies Business: A Fantastic Woman and the Art of Transgender Disappearance”

Jennifer McClearen and LeiLani Nishime
G21: Sports Medi, the Market, and the State
“Naomi Osaka’s Global Cosmopolitan Brand”

Kathy Fuller-Seeley
I8: “Laughing on the Inside” Cartoonists, plugola, and Sponsorship in US Broadcasting History
“Advocate for ‘The Unseen Audience’: Cartoonist H.T. Webster’s Critique of Radio and TV Broadcasting Excess, 1943-1952”

Thomas Schatz
K10: Comics Books and Conglomerate Hollywood
“Spidey to the rescue”?: Sony/Columbia, Marvel Studios, and the Spider-Man Franchise”

Alisa Perren
K10: Comic Books and Conglomerate Hollywood
“The Case of the Not-So-Integrated Conglomerate: The Evolving Warner Bros.-DC Comics Relationship”

Lesley Willard
Q5: “Its All Connected”: Complicating Digital Fan labor through Platform Studies
“(Play)Testing the Limits: Steam, Fan Labor, and the Precarity of Video Game Work”



Brett Siegel  
A11: Contemporary Crises in Sports Media
“ ‘A Whole New Playbook’: Examining Sports Media’s Pandemic Management through the NFL Films/HBO Docuseries Hard Knocks

Rusty Hatchell  
B4: “Tribituaries of the Stream” : All paths Lead to the Streaming Platforms
“Maxing Out the Multiverse: HBO Max and the Future of DC Superhero Television”

Laurel P. Rogers  
G1: Re-Visioning Romance and gendered Identities
“Gender, Nostalgia, and the Nation in Alias Grace and Anne with an E

Paxton Haven  
G16: A Media Industries Look at Contemporary US Media Culture
“Kindness Punks or Corporate Pricks? Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Branding Strategies of Celebrity Charities”

Kathryn Hartzell  
G21: Sports Media, the Market, and the State
“All or Nothing: Sports Docuseries Constructing Global Football Clubs”

Alex Remington  
H21: Too Much: Excess, Taste, Performance
“Classy Trash or Trashy Class? Horror, Fashion, and the Politics of Excess”

Laura C. Brown  
I8: “Laughing on the Inside”: Cartoonists, Plugola, and Sponsorship in US Broadcasting History
“Laughing from the Inside: Sid Hix’s Cartoons as Industrial Meta Criticism and Humor”

Ash d’Harcourt  
J19: Exploring Historical Moments in Queer and Trans Representation      Queer Temporalities and Counterpublics of “ “‘LateBloomers’ in FTM Trans YouTube”

Luis Rivera-Figueroa  
K12: Digitally Mediated Bodies: Deep Fakes Realism, and Wearable Technology
“Apple AirPods: The Private Acoustic Space and the Wearable Technology Market”

Peter Johnson  
L9: The Long and Short of It: A Multiperspectived Approach to Media Financialization
“Financialized ‘Discourses, Dispositions, and Tactics’: Understanding Equity Analysts as Media Industry Stakeholders”

Nathan Rossi  
M7: From Facebook to Tiktok: Latinx Community Building , Entertainment, and Industry Digitizing Routes: Making “Meaning of Central American Adoption Trauma Online”

Daelena Tinnin  
O12: Horror and Society
“Speculative Realness: Blackness, Horror, and the Limits of Reimagining Historical Trauma”

Margaret Steinhauer  
O17: Reviews, Awards, and Worthiness in Populist Discourses
“’Broadcasting is No Longer a Free Service:’ Exploring Air Time Sales”

Jing Wang
Q1: Reframing National Cultures and Industries
“Chinese Independent Documentary Production: Situated at the Intersection of Local and Global Cinematic Culture”

Kristina Brüning  
R17: Youth Cultures Across Time and Space
“From Plot Device to Social Issue: Sexual Violence in Teen Drama Series, 2008–2020”

Eric Forthun  
S16: Backstage Networkers: Television Production Histories
“The Tonight Show in NBC Archives: Positioning Late Night within Early Television Histories”


Drew Ayers
L11 – Deepfakes, Dinosaurs, and Droids: Digital Effects’ Material illusions 
“‘Hard Bodies and Flexible faces: Deepfakes, Deaging, and the malleability of the VFX Body”

Nick Bestor 
B18– Authorship and Anxiety in Contemporary Music and Videogames 
“‘Ronald’s PlayPlace; Licensed Video Games and the McDonald’s (Media) Franchise”

Sheri Chinen Biesen 
E11– Billy Wilder and the Archive: from Vienna to Sunset Boulevard
“‘Look, baby, you can’t get away with it” –Billy Wilder, Film Noir and the Code: Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard”

Kevin Bozelka
C1 – Reconsidering Roberta Findlay
“‘Females on the Beach: Roberta Findlay and Her World”

Courtney Brannon Donoghue
B4– “Tributaries of the Stream”
“‘Black Widow Takes on Disney: The Sacrifice of Female-Driven Tentpoles to the Streaming Wars”

Tupur Chatterjee
B2 – Spectatorship, Audiences, and Embodiment in the Global South 
“‘The House Cannot Be Full: Risk, Anxiety, and the Politics of Collective Spectatorship in a Pandemic ”

Alexander Cho
B12 – Media and Film in the Age of design, 1800s-2020s
“‘Homo Oeconomicus in Social Media: Toward a Close Reading of Design”

Leslie DeLassus
A13 – Afterlives: The Technology of the Silent Film Era
“‘Archival Thrill Rides: The Cinematic Afterlife of Norman O. Dawn’s Special Effects Views”

Evan Elkins
G16 – A Media Industries Look at contemporary U.S. Media Culture
“‘Streaming to the Center: The Obamas and the Royals as Entertainment Moguls”

Kate Cronin
Q11 – Immersiveness and Ways of Being Across Media 
“‘“The Celluloid Network”: Kinescopes and the Material Flow of Early Television Distribution”

David Gurney
I12– Flash Points in contemporary U.S. Politics and Media Culture 
“‘“Finding a Way to Laugh about Being on Fire”: Comedic Authenticity through Multiple Roles in ContraPoints ”

Kit Hughes
S16– Backstage Networks: Television Production Histories
“Film chains, kinescopes and bicycles: television’s other networks”

Jessalyn Keller
L21 – Affective Labors(s) & Politics on Social Media 
“‘Brooms, Brunch, and Ballots: Popular Feminism, Instagram, and Feminized Electoral Politics”

Jacqueline Johnson
M19 – Create-o-Bots: Automated nd Digitized Creative Labor
“‘Kookadoodle: The Drew Barrymore Show, Pandemic TV, and the Instability of a Medium”

Jinsook Kim
E4 – Reshaping Local Identities through Digital Media: Transnational consumer Culture and Digital Identity Making 
“‘Boycotting Feminism: Branding Antifeminism as New Form of Political Consumerism”

Peter Kovacs
I8 – “Laughing on the Inside”: Cartoonists, Plugola, and sponsorship in US Broadcasting History
“‘Philip Morris, I Love Lucy, and the Forgotten “Plugola Affair”

Christina Lane
D11 – Remapping Hollywood History and Genre: female Authorship and Performance, Intermediality, and Dissent, 1930s-1950s
“‘Projections of a “Naughty Young Lady:” Viewing Warner Brothers vs. Bette Davis Nelson through the Lens of Genre”

Kayti Lausch
J1 – Non-Plussed: Boutique Streaming Platforms
“‘Faithlife TV, “Edifying” Streaming Content, and the Contemporary Christian Digital Media Landscape”

Benjamin Kruger-Robbins
L4 – rethinking Minority Authorship: Evolving Discourses of Marginalized Auteurs as Producers and the Quentin Agency
“‘Heartbreaker, Brand-maker: Ryan Murphy’s Troubling Turn to “Relevance””

Sara Liao
F7 – Popular Nationalism and popular media in China 
“‘Engineering nationalism: Ideological work, popular TV, and public interpretations of The Awakening Age

Peter Kunze
C6 – Miami Nice: The Culture: Politics of the Golden Girls 
“‘Renaissance Women: The Golden Girls as Disney Princesses ”

Mengmeng Liu
F7 – Popular Nationalism and Popular Media made in China   
“‘China’s Pink Feminist Discourse: Cyber Nationalism, Neoliberal Feminism, and Feminist Struggles”

Alfred Martin
C6 – Miami Nice: The Culture: Politics of the Golden Girls  
“‘Thank You For Being a Fan: Black Fandoms, Comfort and The Golden Girls”

Nick Marx
J12 – Contemporary Politics and Branding on TV  
“‘All in the Family: Home, Inheritance, and the Paleoconservative Politics of the Post-Network Sitcom”

Cynthia Meyers
I8 – “Laughing on the Inside” : Cartoonist, Plugola, and Sponsorship in US Broadcasting History
“‘From Circle Theater to Gidget: Armstrong Flooring’s Evolution as a Television Sponsor, 1950–66

Paul Monticone
L10 – The Limits of Hollywood’s Unions  
“‘On the Cutting Room Floor: Hollywood’s Industrial Relations and Overlooked Post-Production Unions”

Colleen Montgomery
M8 – Beyond Vocal Borders: Vocal Performance and the Transgressing of Boundaries in Animation  
“‘Frozen in Translation: The Cultural Politics of Dubbing Disney Media”

Lucia Palmer
J16 – National Borders: Policing, Displacement, & Tourism
“‘Protecting or Policing the Border? Patriarchy and Saviorism from Vigilantes to the Border Patrol

Matthew Payne
B8 – local game Histories of Chicago and the American Midwest  
“‘The Oregon Trail is Plural: Iterative Game Design and the Local”

Kimberly Owczarski
E5– Pandemic “TV” : How Covid-19 Impacted Exhibition, Reception, and Politics of Film and TV  
“‘Toward a ‘New Normal’: A Case Study of the Pandemic’s Effect on Film Exhibition

Jacqueline Pinkowitz
Q20 – Contemporary Debates in Representation
“‘The New Screen Civil Rights

Timothy Piper
A11 – Contemporary Crises in Sports Media   
“‘Bursting the Bubble? Lessons for Sports Media and the Climate Crisis from the 2020 NBA Season”

Sharon Ross
R6 – Re-thinking the Female Anti-Hero: Race, Genre, Social Change  
“We Don’t Need Another (Anti)-Hero”: An Argument for Complex Realism Without Labels

Avi Santo
J5 – diversifying STEM through Children’s Media and Play Culture  
“‘Time to change the World (on YouTube): Super Sema, the Pan African STEM Superheroine

Kyle Stevens
H19 – Subversive Cinema and the Destabilization of Gender and Sexual Binaries   
“‘When Do We Enter the Realm of Culture?; or, Trans Self-Listening

R. Colin Tait
O10 – Acting Histories: Archival Approaches to Understanding Film Performance   
“‘The Last Tycoon’s Failure: The Method’s Rebirth. De Niro, Kazan and the Method Legacy.”  

Oliver Tchouaffe
A19 – Anti-Colonial Media    
“‘Unfinished Business: The Contemporary African Diasporic Hybrid Subject in Ladj Ly’s Les Miserables (2019)

Alyxandra Vesey
J8 – Complex Female Characters: Women Show Runners in Contemporary Television
“‘Mother Stands for Comfort Food: Better Things ’ Morsels of Creative Labor

Latina Vidolova
M15 – They Changed It!: Anxiety Over Evolving Media Objects    
“‘Speculative forms, speculative industries: Imagining Black Anime through Yasuke and Netflix

Kristen Warner
O1 – The “I” in Television Studies   
“‘They Gave Uzo Aduba the “Good Good” White Man