KLRU airs Nancy Schiesari's John Nance Garner documentary

"Cactus Jack: Lone Star on Capitol HIll" examines former V.P. and Speaker of the House

Cactus Jack airs on PBS

PBS is airing RTF Professor Nancy Schiesari's documentary on John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner, CACTUS JACK: LONE STAR ON CAPITOL HILL. A "brazen political dealmaker who helped reshape the Democratic Party and push through New Deal legislation," Garner served as Speaker of the House during the darkest days of the Great Depression and twice served as vice president to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Several RTF and Moody College affiliates contributed to the film: In addition to Schiesari (who produced and directed), Bill Minutaglio (Clinical Professor, UT School of Journalism) wrote and provided research; Hans-Martin Liebing (PhD '12) produced, shot, edited, and was post-production supervisor; Anne Lewis (RTF Sr. Lecturer) and Rebecca Adams (BS '10) edited; and Echo Uribe (BS '90) co-produced and provided research.

The documentary, which was produced in partnership with the UT Briscoe Center for American History, will air at PBS stations around the country. The trailer can be watched here.


Elana Wakeman