Isabella Brodt


MFA Screenwriting Student

Professional Links & Recent Works

Isabella is a creative storyteller from Huntington Beach, CA. Initially studying political science and journalism at The George Washington University, Isabella had the opportunity to intern with the US House, Senate, and Peace Corps. While grateful for these experiences, Isabella decided the best way for her to make a positive impact would be through storytelling, which is why she made the switch to screenwriting postgrad. Having completed the UCLA Professional Programs School of TFT course in Writing for TV - Comedy, Isabella looks forward to expanding her portfolio of queer dramas and comedic journeys toward self-acceptance at UT Austin.

In her free time, Isabella enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and creating false realities for her cat, Kevin (She is currently developing a children’s picture book series about him called “The Adventures of Sir Dr. Kevin Bo Beverage, Esq.” The first story, “Sir Kevridge and the Lost Prince,” is in the illustration process).