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Do you have a great idea for a film or TV show? Always dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker? Are you curious about the world of animation? Join us this summer in a virtual playground and embark on a creative journey under the guidance and instruction of our faculty. These advanced graduate students, professors, and media professionals will help you hone filmmaking and screenwriting crafts and master the latest filmmaking technology.


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Virtual Workshops

The workshops take place over Zoom and via online learning platforms.


Feature Screenwriting I

Do you have a great idea for a feature film? Many have great ideas; only few craft them into screenplays. In this 11-week workshop, learn screenwriting fundamentals as you develop an original feature film idea. You’ll create a pitch, logline, treatment, outline, and first act. While no previous screenwriting experience is required, please come prepared with ideas for a feature film. Having completed a college-level English course is also recommended. Take as a standalone course or follow with Feature Writing II.

Meeting times: 1/17/23–3/28/23 (11 weeks), Tu: 7 pm–10 pm CT.


Feature Screenwriting II

Do you have a screenplay that you've been wanting to finish but haven't been able to? Are you stuck on a plot point or a tough scene? In this 10-week workshop we will take your unfinished screenplay to completion with weekly feedback sessions and tips on how to get your story back on track. Come prepared with a cursory knowledge of screenplay structure and at least a completed first act of a screenplay—which you have either developed independently or in Feature Writing Workshop I.

Meeting times:  1/19/23–3/23/23 Th: 7 pm–10 pm CT.


TV Writing: Pilot I

Do you have a TV pilot you've been wanting to write in a creative, supportive environment? This is the perfect screenwriting workshop to launch you towards your goal. Over 10 weeks, participants will focus on the development of an original series pilot - starting with a logline, drafting pitch materials, working on character development and arcs, crafting a series bible, and mapping an outline - the key to your pilot! In virtual workshop sessions, participants will receive feedback from their instructor and cohort, as well as discuss reading assignments and pre-recorded lectures.
Take as a standalone course or follow with TV Writing Pilot II.

Meeting times: Info coming soon!

Workshops_TV Writing Bootcamp 2

TV Writing: Pilot II

You've got your series bible and your pilot outline, now what? Over 10 weeks, participants will write the first draft of their pilot as outlined in TV Writing: Pilot 1 Workshop I and begin revisions on their second draft. Virtual classes will offer live feedback and discussion, and pre-recorded lectures will continue to offer in-depth information about pilot scripts and the writing process.

Meeting times: 01/12/23–03/23/23 (No class 3/16), Th: 7 pm–10 pm CT.

In-Person Workshops

These workshops take place on the UT Campus


Narrative Film Production

This course covers the basics of all facets of narrative fiction filmmaking. Graduates of the Film Production Workshop have a working comprehension of preproduction, production, and postproduction. This includes, but is not limited to, screenwriting, professional digital camera operation, lighting, sound recording, directing actors, editing, and mastering. Each graduate leaves the program with the experience of working with a small crew to produce two narrative fiction short films.

2023 Dates: TBA.


Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary film is a process of curiosity, discovery, and storytelling. In this workshop, we will explore the many different types of documentaries and build the basic technical skills to create successful nonfiction films, including selecting compelling topics based on available resources, pre-production, lighting, sound recording, cinematography, interviewing, finding the story, and editing. Over the course of the workshop, participants will each create their own short documentaries (max 10-12 min) and will leave the course with the skills and experience to make many more.
Dates: Meets 12 times, 2023 Dates TBA.

Camp _VirtualProductionHS

(In-person workshop) Virtual Filmmaking with Unreal Engine

Held over the course of two consecutive weekends on the UT campus, this course is geared towards those with a minimum of intermediate-level experience in filmmaking or photography, and is perfect for media makers who are planning their next big project. You will apply your skills to the world of virtual production where using cutting-edge technology and techniques, you will test out settings and combinations that reflect with a high degree of accuracy and fidelity those of actual cameras, lenses, and lights. You will create fully accurate pre-vizualizations, simulating real-world shooting environments and rendered in high fidelity in real-time. This method of virtual pre-viz is rapidly becoming an industry standard for production processes, even for low-budget productions; mastering it will not only support your own work but also provide you a useful marketable skill.
Computers will be supplied.

• Weekend Session dates: TBD
• Meeting schedule: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (with breaks), Saturdays and Sundays